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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Camping Crochet - 'Crazy Art Batts'

I posted about 'Challenge Day' for the 'Tour De Fleece' where I spun 200g of 'Crazy Batts' into singles.  The Crazy Art Batts were bought at a discount price for a group 'Spin along' in the Yummy Yarns UK  group on Ravelry.   I practiced slubs but didn't quite master control of  them.  I could make them but not every time I intended to and I had no control over their size.  I am partial to a big fat slub in a Yarn though.  The resulting yarn was very thick and slubby in places and very unpredictable.  I loved it for all its lumps and bumps.  It was great fun to spin.
'Tour De Fleece' Challenge Day - Crazy Art Batts Blog Post
I washed the skeins to set the twist  and  took them with me camping along with my trusty 'Jumbo Crochet Hook'.
This Hook is 'The Beast' of all my Crochet Hooks' I love it!  I think it is a 25mm.  While Euan played on a park that backed on to the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey, I peacefully crocheted and played 'Frisbee' with Lacey.  (You see, I am talented like that and a master at multi-tasking).  Whatever you make with this hook grows very quickly.  I have previously made two shawls with it and they grew at warp speed.  I have also experimented with 'rag' crochet using it.
Handspun Natural Grey Gotland with Pink Merino - Made with Jumbo Hook
(This came Camping too and it was perfect)
Handspun Corriedale Beaded Yarn 
Whilst Camping I decided to make a 'Crazy Art Batt Hat'.  I would have made another shawl or shrug if I had enough yarn.  (I see more Art Batt singles on the horizon).  The 'small' hat took 100g of yarn.  Have you ever tried to photograph a hat while it is on your own head?  I do not know why I am admitting it here, but I have!  I can be a bit ditsy sometimes.  ( You may have worked that out for yourselves already!)
Take 1 - A glimpse of the chaos I live in but not much hat!
Take 2 - A glimpse of the chaos I live in and the Budgie cage, but still not much hat!
Third time lucky- Certainly not!
Good Old Henry saved the day and was a willing Model again wearing my 'Crazy Hat'
I am on the look out now for a large Grey and Pink felt flower to go on the side of the hat.  I think I will have to make one.  I am sure Henry will model again when the hat is completely finished and fitted with an suitable  embellishment.


  1. Your hat looks great (and the photo captions had me laughing)! I love your shawls too - the colour of the green one is gorgeous.
    Hope you had a lovely time camping x x x

  2. You sure were productive! Those shawls, particularly the purple/gray one looks wonderful. So snuggly! That is some very interesting looking yarn as well. I've never heard of slubby yarn until I started reading blogs. I've never seen anything like it around here! It does have a very neat effect when worked up :) Thank goodness for volunteer models! Best of luck getting your flower!

  3. Ah Lucy, you have such a great sense of humor! Love the chaos, the bird, the shawls and especially you're wonderful son to model for you.. can't wait to see him with the hat PLUS the flower. :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. oooohhh!! Lovely book shelves. ..


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