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50 Book Challenge

I am taking part in Steph's

50 Book Challenge.

This is a no pressure, purely for fun 'Challenge' where we aim to read and blog about '50 Books'.  There are no deadlines and no time limits.  Phew.

So far the books I have completed are:

1)  A Street Cat Named Bob - I loved this book and could not recommend it enough.

2) Birmingham Rose by Annie Murray - I loved this book and would recommend it.

3)  Chocolate Girls - A Saga about love, war and chocolate.  What more could you want?

Other Bloggers taking part in this 'Challenge':
(I will update as I discover new ones or people hop 'on board'

The 'Challenge' also has it's own Blog here:

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  1. Sounds like some great books so far! I've just blogged my current list on the group blog :-) Happy reading! Laura x (Strawberry Mouse Crafts)


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