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Friday, 22 July 2011

Day 21 Tour De Fleece 2011 - Challenge Day

Today I was in the saddle early, I have had great fun spinning 200g  lumpy bumpy 'Art Style' Batts from YummyYarnsUK.  I purchased these batts to take part in a 'Spin Along' with the 'Yummy Yarns Group'.  I have really enjoyed spinning them today and they are really bringing me much joy seeing them dangling on the washing line to set the twist in these low twist singles.  These really are my kind of yarn!  I have four skeins out of 200g with about 30m, 20y of yarn in each skein.  I love very chunky crochet and I can see chunky 'Freeform' crochet hats on the horizon.  It has been a liberating experience after trying to spin fine, even yarns to embrace each lump and bump.  I practiced slubs and shoved more through my Orifice than I thought my little wheel could cope with.  (Yes Orifice is an official spinning term!  I will let you have a little snigger though.)  I also emptied four bobbins by Navajo plying all my left over yarns, that has been good practice.  I may chill out tonight with a bit more crochet on the 'Saggy Bottomed Bag'.

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  1. Hooray for your lumpy thick skiens! Looking good. Glad to see you used the word "orifice" to it's FULL effect.


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