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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Busy on a Goat Farm!

Looking after more than fifty goats is very hard work for Sarah and Ian the farmers.  I am sure the help from willing, over enthusiastic little campers is much appreciated!  First Euan had to remove the old hay from the troughs of the youngest goats and give it to the middle sized goats.
The youngest goats were very hungry for fresh Hay and goat 'cake'.  One was so hungry it had a couple of nibbles of Euan's hair.  In Euan's own words it made him 'quite angry!'.  I think the goat thought it was carrot.
Hungry goats eat a lot of hay twice a day.
Theses guys push and shove to get to the food, they have bad manners and there was some butting of heads and even standing on each other.
Euan was brave and got into the pen with the youngest goats.  As soon as the goats started doing what came naturally to them...
He got out quite quickly!
The older goats eat silage and they seem to love it.  Then for their afters they have 'Goat Cake' pellets.
While all the children were busy Ken and I had time to bond.
What a charmer.  He is about two years old.  It is amazing to think that the kid billies will grow that fast.
Up close and personal!  Such a cutey with a very soft muzzle.  He was a Gentle Giant.  He shared an important job on the farm with Billy Kid, the other big Billy Goat.  Between them they are the 'Daddy' to a lot of kids!  They are doing a great job.  Poor Billy the ladies prefer Ken.  I think it is his enigmatic charm that does it.

A very photogenic boy.

The funny looking goats are sheep!  Three sheep live with all these goats I think, they think they are goats.  They are enjoying their cake.  After the 'Tour De Fleece' I am looking at all animals and seeing potential fiber everywhere.  I am not sure goat fibre would be great but these Suffolk sheep had lovely fleece.
I think Cashmere goats would make a fantastic addition to my three chickens.  Euan and I would also like a pet pig!
I did get some crochet done while I was away...honest Guv!  I will try to dig it out of the 'post' holiday mayhem and share it tomorrow.  The weekend here looks set to be a Sunny one, I hope you are enjoying yours.  Today we are going  to my parents to celebrate my Mom's Birthday. 


  1. This post really made me smile. Those lovely cheeky goats. They kiddies are having a ball aren't they :)
    Have a lovely time celebrating your Mum's Birthday.

  2. So many goats! Did you get any cheese, a good goats cheese is my favourite at present! Enjoy the sunshine x

  3. Dear Lucy, I read your post to hubby and showed him the photos.. we got a kick out of it! We had 16 baby goats at one time, that was quite a scene. We got this 5 gallon bucket that had nipples all around it with tubes down to the bottom and we'd give them their milk that way. You can't leave baby goats on their mom's udders as they'll head butt them and ruin them for milking. What does hubby think about you adding a goat and a pig to the backyard? Since goats are herd animals you will need at least 2. :-)

  4. Lovely post. I just wanted to put a link in to Wookey Farm in case anyone reading this wanted to stay there.
    The website is:

    Thank you


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