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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fancy Something Spicy?

I have a recipe to share with you today. . .not a cake . . .not a bake. . .and certainly not a pie!  I have lost 6 1/2 lbs so far at Weight Watchers and as you know I have been busy busy busy.  The novelty has not worn off yet for the dog, the Boot Camp Trainer or myself.  We are walking and swimming like crazy things.  Yesterday's swimming was a great success, we all had great fun.  Henry broke his swimming trunks in the changing room!  You honestly couldn't make that kid up!  As soon as he could crawl he has always been 'The master of Peculiar Accidents'.   He has always been the same.  I am used to him!  He pulled the chord out of his trunks and to try and sort them out he tied the chord around the outside of the trunks!  I didn't want to scare the 'Good Looking Girls' away at the sight of his bum,  so we had to quickly get dressed again and go and buy him some new trunks!  The things Mom's have to do.  It tuns out I was the only 'Good Looking Chick' there last night anyway!
                 I do not have any photographs of our swimming adventures as you are not permitted to take photographs in swimming pools, schools etc.  We cannot even photograph 'Sports Day' at school.  Sad really.  Euan managed to swim his first four or five metres!  He just needs to get it on top of the water now rather than underwater!  Bless him.  Henry cracked me up, he said my costume looked lovely!  It showed of my curves well, all of them very well!  He really makes me laugh, cheeky lad.  I hope we can all go again soon, I like it when both my boys spend time together, with their eight year age gap it can be challenging.  They enjoyed 'Take Away' food after swimming, I came home to soup.

Spicy Red Pepper, Chorizo and Tomato Soup

250 g of Cherry Tomatoes
200g of Roasted Red Pepper
30g of Chorizo Sausage
1 chopped onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 Vegetable Stock Cube
1 Pint of water
1tsp of Smoked Paprika

1)  Fry the onion with the chorizo until the onion is tender.
2)  Add the garlic, pepper, paprika and tomatoes, fry gently until the tomatoes are soft.
3)  Add the water and stock cube.  Simmer for ten minutes.
4)  Blend until smooth.
Serve with a big chunk of French Bread, (Well its ok I have been swimming and walking)!

Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend.  :) xxx

Friday, 27 April 2012

Water Water Everywhere!

It is official, I heard yesterday, here in the UK we are having the wettest drought on record!  Hmmm that takes a bit of thinking about doesn't it!  Nice weather for ducks and chickens.  My chickens are water babies and prefer to have their freedom and get wet and bedraggled than head for their coop.  They are so busy re-landscaping the garden they can't take a break from it.  They continue to extend and widen borders and are excavating a rather impressive hole, I would be impressed if a Bull Mastiff had dug it, but the fact that three chickens have done it, makes it all the more remarkable for me!  I don't think my other half has noticed it yet,  I hope he doesn't go up the garden in the dark because he might fall victim to a large muddy hole!  Well I am not going to tell him am I?  What a wet and watery week.  I went to 'Ladies Night' at the pool, then the flood at work, then this morning I get a call to fetch Euan ASAP from school as the school was closing due to a flood!  Jeesh it really never rains but it pours.  Euan and I squelched our way around this afternoon for a dog walk, walk a bit slip a bit, walk a bit, slip a lot.  Mud glorious mud!  The dog had a blast and came home filthy!  She nearly caught a Wabbit for tea, but it looks like we will have to have pasta or something.  Tonight is a rarity...the teenager has agreed to come out with me and Euan.  Yep three of us, altogether.  How are we going to escape this torrential rain and wateryness?  Wave machines and water slides, that's how!  I already heard Henry ask Euan if there were any 'Good Lookin girls' at the swimming baths...Euan replied he thought there were a few!  I think he really wants his brother to come with us so has fibbed a bit!
Yippeee!  It's Friday :) xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Another Watery Post

I am just whizzing off a post because it is too ironic not too.  I am not aching too bad after last nights swimming.  It is a very cold wet day here today.  I went to work and all the windows were steamed up, which I thought was very strange, then noticed a flood!  My shoes are soaking so I have come home for wellies and a quick caffeine boost.  No children in today but somehow we are expected to be on site and sort a flooded building.  With a broken mop and two broken water sucker hoover type thingies!  It never rains but it pours.  It feels filthy in there.  Somehow the hot tap was left on over night!  What a watery mess.  Water water every where and not a drop to drink!  Every room is soaking wet, apart from two, one of which is mine.  Ahhh there is a God!  Mopping must be a great activity!  I better swig this coffee and go....  xxx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ladies Night!

Ooooh, what has happened to Blogger?  I am not one for change!  This is just a very quick post because I need to tell someone...I got my swimming costume wet again today!  I couldn't face a hobble  walk so I 'Manned it' again and this time went swimming on my own, without my trainer!  I went to the local pool to 'Ladies Night'.  I felt dreadful on the way there but was determined not to bottle it.  I swam from 8.45 - 9.30, my body is in shock, it doesn't like change either and that is sofa time.  I swam up and down to motivational tunes by Madonna and the Bee gees!  That cheesy Yazz tune 'The Only Way is Up' is now going around and around  in my head!  I feel as dead as a doughnut.  There has to be an easier way...I do not have the energy to lift my hook!   xxx 

Monday, 23 April 2012

And the Winners are....

The Saint George's Day winners of the 'Give Away' are:

Number 14 Chaucer's Auntie


Number 5 Gill

I will be in touch to get your addresses so I can post your goodies out.

Thank you very much to everyone for entering and following,
Lucy     : ) x 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Times

No rest for the wicked, Pedro, myself, the dog and My Boot camp trainer were up and out by 9am.  Good job too because there is another large grey cloud overhead now.  We headed off for the local lake.  I hobbled a bit as my exercise regime is taking its toll.
I stopped to admire the flowers, I love Cowslips.  Euan spotted the next image and asked me to take a picture for my blog, we both thought it was very funny.
 Mr Duck sitting there, hint hint!  Sorry Mr Duck no bread today, we were on a mission.  The lake was busy, so I am sure the ducks will be stuffed silly by bedtime.
Some of Her Majesty's birds.  There are some historical quirks left in our country and one is that all wild Mute Swans on open water are the property of the Queen.
Here is my 'Boot Camp Instructor' demonstrating the Outdoor Community Gym Equipment.  This equipment is great, there are several ways in which one can choose to punish and torture oneself on a Sunday morning.  I know I enjoyed it!  I did ten thingamee bobs which involved lifting my body weight!!!  As you pull down your seat goes up!  I am sure they will get much easier if I lose weight.
There are about six lots of various mechanics to choose from and people just hop on.  I nearly did myself a mischief the last time on a 'Body Toner', I gave that a miss today.  It seemed easy at the time but I ached like stink the next day!  I am afeard to make a mockery of myself in public, it is not lady like to grunt and groan and huff and puff whilst one is on a Sunday jaunt.  Will have to be up even earlier if I want to use the Community Outdoor Gym without an audience.
          I thought the little clump of Cowslips were lovely but plodding on I was rewarded for my efforts with this little meadow of wild Cowslips.
Homeward bound across what we call the 'Kingfisher Bridge' if you are lucky you can see a Kingfisher from here, I have seen one once and it was a flash of electric blue.  Euan has seen one too.
Now these are a stink but a foragers delight. . .
Very very pungent 'Wild Garlic'.  I remember Henry picking some and putting it in his pocket when he was younger his coat stank for days!  I have made 'Wild Garlic' soup once but quite frankly it was awful.  We leave it in situ now and admire it in the ground.
           One last bloom absolutely synonymous with Spring:
May Blossom, which will feed the hungry birds in the Autumn with Hawthorn berries.  My grandmother used to say 'Ne'r cast a clout til May be out!'  It is an old saying that you should not go out without your coat until the May blossom is out.  I did indeed go out without my clout coat today.
          I hobbled home, to cook the Sunday Lunch.  After all this healthy healthy healthy malarkey, I so needed a stodgey pudding!  I wanted 'Bread and Lots of Butter and Sugar Pudding', so I invented a 'Bread and Butterless' Pudding which was almost as good.  It contained sugar substitute, Vanilla extract,  no butter and my nicest chuckie eggs.  It hit the spot!
             Tomorrow is Saint George's day, also locally William Shakespeare's Birthday is celebrated he was born on 23rd April 1564 and Died on the 23rd April 1616.  That is not good is it?  To die on your Birthday.  I have made a mental note to self to try not to do that!  Tomorrow is the day I will announce the 'Blog Give Away Winners', I am working though, then will come home and have Mumsey stuff to do.  I will post the winners on here tomorrow night.
Love Lucy :) xxx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Time Flies Like an Arrow, Fruit Flies Like a Banana!

My goodness, I was getting worried about my lack of crafting time.  I have been so busy walking and weighing and measuring. . . . guess what?  Today I went swimming for the first time in 3 or 4 years.  I spent 90 minutes in the water, swimming, treading water or moving.  When I wasn't in the water I was climbing a large spiral staircase up to the water slides/tubes.  I did check with a lifeguard that I wouldn't break anything.  Euan had a whale of a time and was very impressed with the tidal waves I made hitting the water at the bottom of the slides.  We both loved the wave machine too.  I felt really embarrassed in my costume and nearly bottled out of going, but I decided to 'Man it' and just go.  I can't believe I have actually christened 'The Costume'.  Yesterday Pedro Pedometer said I walked 7.5 miles, that was two school runs and a dog walk.  The dog is nagging me right now to go out, but I am trying to time it as we have had April showers and Hail storms.  My Other Half has just said 'Can you believe it is nearly May?'  I can't quite, can you?
              I wanted to show you my crochet 'Hexagon' progress.  I managed some hooky time yesterday and will hopefully manage some more tonight.  Can anyone guess what I am attempting to make yet?  What do you think of my colour choice?  If you don't like it, I am not 'frogging'!  I am unsure about the colours but I am definitely not a 'frogger'.  I am at the flummoxed stage of where to go with this now but I will take the proverbial 'Bull by the horns' and 'Keep Calm and Carry Yarn!'
Another one of these will take the edge off any uncertainties I am having about it.  I really should get my self some 'nice' glasses.  Well I am off for a stroll around 'Blogland' and if the April Showers hold off, I may have a stroll around the 'real' world.
Hope you are all having a good weekend doing whatever it is that makes you happy.  :) xxx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Meet My New Best Friend - Pedro the Pedometer

Isn't he lovely?  I wear him all day long, I even wear him on my PJ's.  He is telling me I need to do 1052 steps until I have earned my next Weight Watchers Point, then he bleeps at me and I get to feel a bit smug.  Day six was a good day, I earned 8 points by bed time.  8 points is the equivalent of 4 Gin and Slimline Tonics, the best news is Lemon is 'free'.  4 Gin and Slimline Tonics = a very drunk me.  One will be nice though to drink guilt free at the end of the day.  It my take the edge of my hunger pangs, food cravings and crabby mood too!
          I had my first weigh in today.  I was really nervous about it and ready to tantrum in the Village Hall.  I have spent the week weighing my muesli, measuring my milk and trying to convince myself I like crispbread without butter.  I have enjoyed every mouthful to pass my lips, some days I would have been thankful for gruel.  I have come to terms with the fact that 'Pie Days' are no longer a weekly thing and 'Salad Days' are a daily thing.  I don't want anymore Cous Cous for a while though.  I have been motivated by 'Pedro' and my 'Boot Camp Trainer'.  Each day I have been trying to walk further for longer.  Today I even walked in the rain!  Guess what?  Nothing bad happened.  If by bedtime Pedro tells me I need 500 or less steps to do until I earn my next point I have been walking frantically around the house or jogging on the spot in my PJ's!  I have got into bed puffing and panting like an asthmatic octogenarian.  How dedicated is that?  Pedro is a clever little chap and the more weight you lose the harder you have to work to earn the point.  The sneaky little devil!  The more weight you lose the less daily points you are given to eat.  That feels like a blow below the belt.  I am good and you take a point away!  I have daily points and weekly points and I can earn activity points to eat.  Yep I no longer eat food I eat points and by golly they taste good.  By day three I had blown my weekly budget!  I will have to change my ways this week.  It is suggested that you measure and record your body measurements, I don't think  will worry about that until the tape measure will actually fit around me!  It won't fit for at least three of the five required measurements.   The result of all this purgatory and self torture dedication and self control is 5 1/2 lbs off.  I think I have lost one of my seven chins!  1 week down, about another 200 to go!  Wooo Hoooo!

These are my Pedro Stats for the week:

Day 1: 5144 steps 2.02 miles 0 points

Day 2: 5052 steps 1.99 miles 0 points

Day 3: 8867 steps 3.49 miles 3 points

Day 4: 11468 steps 4.52 miles 5 points

Day 5: 15787 steps 6.22 miles 8 points

Day 6: 15773 steps 6.22 miles 8 points

Day 7: 10418 steps 4.11 miles 4 points

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I am a Winner...well ok, a runner up :)

What an absolutely bloomin bloggy marvelous stroke of luck!  The lovely Dolly Dolly Daydreams aka 'Steph at Show and Tell had a fantastic 'Give Away'.  Steph has a wealth of amazing arty crafty makes on her blog and for sale in her 'Folksy Shop' if you are looking for a 'Special' handmade gift for someone.  Just my cup of tea!  I was delighted when she left me a message saying I had been a 'Runner Up'.  I came home from work today to a little parcel and expected it to be the plastic Tree Frogs I have ordered for the 'Rainforest' project but no ha haaa!  Twas something luvverly and exciting.
A pretty, handmade, 'Fairy' card, complete with flowers and flutterby.  I have resisted card making so far, but handmade cards really are the best.
This is a tiny little bag that Teddy was keeping tied up with pink thread, in my excitement I forgot to photograph it tied.  I was too desperate to see what was inside.  The bag is tiny so the contents were even tinier.
Look how tiny they are on the cushion!  I love them.  Five tiny friends with smiley faces and little bows painted on their shoes.  They are 'Worry Dolls'.
Little buddies that listen to your worries.
I especially like the spectacles.  The dolls feel lovely in your hand and quite heavy.  I don't know what they are made with.  When I was 'little' these would have been my favourites.  I think I like them a bit too much now I am big.  I will wait until the other half has gone to work before I talk to them.  I don't have any worries to tell them right now, but I would like a little 'play' with them.  (The other half would definitely worry if he saw me talking to these, he gets a bit concerned when I get in depth with the chickens and the budgie...the dog is another story...but she is 'Mommy's Princess').
Ha ha!  Can you imagine my delight when I saw him in all his crochet lovliness?  'Percy the Pasty Tax Protester'.  Me and Percy could go far in our battle against the 'Pasty Tax'.  He can come with me and Blog Friend Carol, to 'number ten' to throw pasties at the Prime minister.
          You really should see my keys.  I am rather prone to losing keys.  I overcome this by having the biggest bunch of keys with bright key rings and dilly danglies all over them.  I even have a rubber ducky on them!  Not to worry, there is definitely room for Percy Pasty too.
Pretty beads, tiny bells and buttons.  I am feeling 'Card Making' coming on more and more.  What an eclectic little selection.  The Union Jack button is very cool.  How lovely is Steph?  Answer = Very lovely.  Thanks Steph, you have made a 'Silly' woman very happy indeedy.  How Lucky am I?

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Homework and The Half Nelson

This must be a very old picture.  It does give you some idea of what I have to go through to get my seven year old to do 'Homework'.  I practically have to pin him down 'Half Nelson' style.  Then he protests solidly for the duration.  It is like a Busman's Holiday to me after I have been teaching all day.  He really is a little stinker!  His task was to research a 'Habitat' and present his findings.  He got on the internet and independently found some great websites.  I thought that was good for a seven year old.  Then he disappeared over to a neighbours, to work with his seventeen year old friend.  After half an hour he came back with a paragraph written about how smelly the Rainforests are because animals 'poo' all over them!  Great!  What is it with boys and 'Pooey stuff'?  Please don't tell me it is just my son.   I am planning a project on 'Rainforests' myself so I found some pictures and information packs.  Tonight I applied the 'Half Nelson' and I we made this poster.
It practically took blood, sweat and tears to produce this.  Euan was very particular about what to stick where and it took him forever to cut out the tarantula.  He likes the Jaguar best and that Tapir better run because the Jaguar likes to eat him.  I like the Sloth.
This little clip is just so adorable.

I am hoping Euan might choose to carry on with this little project at home, but I really won't be holding my breath.  Now I have glue and paper to tidy away, while somebody is snoring soundly in bed!  I think I am too exhausted to pick my crochet hook up tonight and it is a wonder I don't have any grey hairs.  If you have any tips on how to use bribery and corruption to make homework less painful I would gladly pay you for them.

Monday, 16 April 2012

'100 000 Hits' Celebration Give Away

I made my mind up months ago that I would celebrate 100 000 hits.  I have been patiently watching the counter.  100 000 is a big number isn't it?  I have now had visitors from 133 countries with the newest country being Jamaica.  There can't be many more countries in the world can there?   I love new followers, I love 'old' followers and I love all your comments.  You already know I just love 'Blogland'.
 Off topic; I also love flowers and these are from some 'Easter Flowers' that my other half bought for me, they were a beautiful surprise, he very rarely buys me flowers!  They are just too pretty not to share.
Back on Topic;  The Blog Give Away Goodies.  There are two prizes.  I saw these months ago and bought them for this very purpose.  A set of Tea Towels, Union Jack Stylie and also an Apron.  I love the Apron.  I might enter the 'Give Away' myself.  If you would like a chance to win, all you need to do is follow my blog and leave me a comment under this post by Sunday the 22nd of April.  If you tweet or mention my 'Little Bloggy' Give Away on Facebook they will count as 'extra' entries, just let me know where you have mentioned Bloggy.  I will post the goodies to anywhere on the planet.  If you want to send me a plane ticket I will even deliver them by hand.  I will announce the winners on the 23rd April, appropriately Saint George's Day.
Good Luck and . . .

Friday, 13 April 2012

Missing In Action!

I feel like I have neglected poor Bloggie!  I have been rather busy, doing silly stuff.  I Started Weight Watchers on Thursday.  I was rather horrified by my initial weigh in.  I genuinely think I am still in shock.  I don't know how or why I let my health get quite so bad.  I am back to counting points, weighing food and currently obsessing about such matters.  It is not easy sharing it with you or being honest.  Euan has taken it upon himself to be my 'Trainer'.  I am flattered by his willingness to support me, but he does have rather a 'Boot Camp' style that rubs me up the wrong way!  We have been 'Training'/walking everyday for the last four days.  He has barked instructions at me along the way such as 'Mom do always want to be fat!', 'Mom walk faster!', 'Mom Run!'.  'Hand rails are for wimps!'  'Mom are you feeling the pain yet, are ya?'  Jeesh, he doesn't realise how close he has come to a thick ear, while I have been puffing and panting.  Today we went to our local park, with the dog, I have a swish, new pedometer and it tells me I walked just under two miles. . . felt like at least five to me!  There is some out door fitness equipment at the park, Euan wanted me to try each one out.  I nearly did myself a mischief or three on rowing things, cross trainers, body twisters and such like.  I am sure I will feel the pain tomorrow to remind me of what a 'Silly Billy' I have been.  I couldn't even manage the suggested exercises for beginners.  Never mind.  If only Granny Square creating was a sport!
          I also have a new swimsuit.  Good Lord, you are not spoiled for choice when you are choosing a swimsuit in my size.  The song 'Roll out the Barrel' springs to mind and I am not sure when I will be actually brave enough to get the swimsuit wet!
          I am still on Easter Break until Monday, routine has gone completely out of the window.  I have a Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Guild meeting tomorrow, where there is a talk about 'Sheep, Fleece and Rare Breeds' sounds like fun to me.
          I hope you will all have a good weekend.  
                      Lucy :) x   

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Oh Happy Days - My 'Blog Buddy' Swap Has Arrived

Patience truly is a virtue.  I have been very good and patient waiting for my 'Blog Buddy Swap' to arrive.  I was so disappointed with the Postman yesterday.  Bills and bank statements!  Huh, who needs them?  The postman is supposed to bring little boxes of happiness, just like this one!   Teresa Kasner and I met on Ravelry and we have been firm friends in Cyber Space ever since.  We follow each others Blogs and share news and projects.  It really is uncanny how much we share in common across the miles.  We often find we have been doing very similar things, on the same day.  I think there is some sort of 'Parallel Universe' thing gong on!  We share many similar interests.  I would really rather not mention our 'Facebook' Scrabble Tournaments as I get my 'Butt Whooped' on a regular basis!   Teresa lives in the Columbian River Gorge in Oregon, USA and I have grown familiar and very fond of the beautiful scenery, history and heritage of this area through Teresa's blog posts.
          We have taken part in Swaps as Groups on Ravelry and both were a little disappointed not to be each others Swap Partners.  The odds were against us being 'paired' up.  In my travels I saw little 'crafty' bits and pieces that would make me think of my Cyber Buddy and I would think 'Teresa would love that'.  It is probably a good job we are separated by a large pond, because I am sure we would have formidable 'crafty' shopping excursions together.  I asked Teresa if she would like to be my Swap Buddy and of course she said yes.  :)
          We posted our Swaps on the same day and Teresa received hers before Easter, mine got stuck in the Bank Holiday, postal traffic as did Easter Gifts for my family from The British Hen Welfare Trust.  Not to worry, better late than never.  I was actually amazed how fast my parcel got to Teresa's house, less than a week to go all that way.  Here is Teresa's Blog Post about what I sent for her :)
           Well on with the important part, I opened my little box of happiness.
How delighted am I?  Very, very delighted is the answer.
Look at these pair of cuties.  Lovely Chicken Egg Cups.  I will have to have a boiled egg and soldiers asap.  I may go all out and put a spread of Marmite on the soldiers too.  There must be a knack to photographing glass, but I don't have it.  These have cute little faces and feathery detail.
The Crafty Goodies were all wrapped up in, I think you call it a 'Fat Quarter', of Cotton, Chicken Fabric.  I love it and will have to think very carefully what I can make with it.  All suggestions would be gratefully received.  I think this buttons are 'Super Groovy'.  Pink CND buttons are just too good to be true.  I believe I could be in the process of making the perfect 'Thing' for all five of these buttons.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.
I appear to be developing quite a passion for buttons.  I have noticed it creeping in over the last few months.  These buttons really do make me happy, flower buttons, sparkly Bling buttons, Mother of Pearl buttons and really pretty 'Lace' like patterned buttons, here take a closer look. . .
Pretty eh?
More pretties, ribbon and tiny ribbon roses.
Lovely Lavender coloured Cotton, I feel a self indulgent 'Face Cloth' coming on!  I feel as if I am showing off a bit, but I am having so much fun sharing all this with you and I am not finished yet!
Ho, ho, ho!  'Moonstruck' Dark Chocolate, Expresso Bean!  Now I am telling ya, I love Chocolate, and I am telling ya I love Coffee, put the two together and that makes me very happy indeed.  Teresa did not know that!  This is the perfect bar of Chocolate for me!
This Chocolate might even make me smart and strong and sexy, well let's get the wrapper off!  I am not sure about pondering for too long about who I will share it with.  I am pondering as to sharing it at all!  'Give and you shall receive.'  is making me feel a  bit guilty though.
I am not sure if this will make me strong or sexy, but the chocolate sure is!  If you let a square of the rich dark chocolate melt on your tongue you are left with crunchy chips of Expresso Bean for an intense flavour blast.  Ask me how I know!  I am feeling smarter, stronger and sexier already.  This is gonna be very hard for me to share!
  I am not sure I would like anyone writing on my cute little pad either.
Now I don't wear any jewellery, but I am wearing these right now.  I love, love, love them.  They are the Genuine Article.  Teresa has written a blog post Trade Bead Story explaining the fascinating history of these pretty little beads.  They were used for 'Trade' with Native Americans.  Trade beads have been valued by ancient cultures for thousands of years.  Teresa has a fine collection of these beads, the post is really worth taking a look at.  Now I won't be trading my beads for love nor money!  I have nearly got to the end of this post.  It has been a joyful post to write, for me.  I have been thoroughly spoiled with goodies.  I just have two more items to share.
I didn't tell you did I?  Teresa is also a fantastic Artist, she is a lifelong Artist and crafter, she has an Etsy store Here where you can purchase her art work, water colours and ink.  (Also take a peek at the Handmade Jewellery).  I am very touched by this 'Just for me' water colour of 'Glastonbury Tor.  The camera has not captured the colours as vividly as the actual painting.  I think it is fantastic and it is definitely going to have 'Pride of Place' in my living room.   I have a photograph of Glastonbury Abbey on my wall, that my friend took and had framed for me and another 'Chalk' picture of Glastonbury Tor that my Sister in Law got for me. The chalk is beautiful and it makes the Tor look misty and mysterious, Teresa's watercolour has captured the Tor on a bright Summers day, looking across the expanse of countryside in the heart of The Land of The Summer People.  Glastonbury is my favourite place.
             Last but not least is my Teresa Kasner Scandinavian Crochet Heart Ornament, the link will take you to the pattern.  I have loved this for ages.  Now I have one.
 To me, this is Teresa's 'signature Crochet piece.
'Thank you Teresa' feels inadequate.  I am sure you know how happy each one of these gifts has made me though.  I find it very hard to believe in the concept of 'Cyber Friendship' but this Swap has bought it home to me.  Cyber Friends are 'Real' friends of course!  We may never meet each other in person, but due to the marvels of technology we share each others 'lives' in some way and have a firm friendship.  That makes my heart very happy.  XXX
(((Group Hug))) in cyberspace for 'Blog Buddies'.  

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Yeah I am Still On My Easter Holiday

I hope you all had a great Easter.  The weather here took a turn for the worse but their was an abundance of Chocolate Eggs to compensate for this.  Sadly the upshot of this is I will be joining Weight Watchers later this week!  Oh dear, it feels like a very guilty confessional.  Moving swiftly on to matters that make me happy. . .
I have finished my 'Ring', my six inch ring for The Annual Exhibition for The Guild of  Weavers Spinners and Dyers.  Members were invited to submit an 'un-selected' piece of work to be displayed at the exhibition.  All of the 'Rings' will be displayed together in July.   I can not say I am happy with the results but I am happy it is finished!  I used my hand spun beaded yarn to weave, crochet, Kumihimo Braid and 'Flower Loom' my way to completion.  I have not used a flower loom for decades.  I had a yellow plastic 'Flower Loom in the seventies and would make colourful flowers when I was a kid, I don't know what I did with them, but that is the beauty of being a kid, you don't feel obligated to do anything with them, creating for the pure sake of creating.
One of our Guild Members makes these looms, this is the one I used today.  I had forgot how much fun making these little flowers is.  I also enjoy Kumihimo Braiding and whipped up my little 'loom' from the plastic  lid of a coffee tin.
I braided Beaded 'Flower Yarn' and made sure the little flower bead were on the outside of the braid.
I used 'Butterfly' beads for extra 'Flower Meadow' effect (also to hide lumps and bumps, but don't tell anyone)!  I am sure it will look wonderful displayed, if viewed from afar through squinted eyes.
          I have also been working on more crochet.  The little black hexagon is coming on nicely.  It just doesn't like to be photographed.

It likes to pretend it is a square, or a pentagon. . . anything but a hexagon.  I have high hopes for this hexagon.  The main thing it has going for it is...
It folds neatly into this shape. . . or . . .

This shape.  I could not for the life of me work out in my head how a hexagon could fold into either of these shapes.  I had to see it with my own eyes. . . trust me it works. . . a hexagon into these shapes, fancy that!   I think they have great potential.  I will keep you posted as to their progress and the plans I have for them.
          Over the Easter Weekend my Blog Counter blasted through 100 000 hits.  It caught me a bit unawares.  I had planned another 'Give Away' as 100 000 hits feels like a big deal to me as I am only a little Blogger at heart.  I have waited for months for my Blog Counter to reach the magic number.  I will get organised and post about 'The Give Away' asap too.  Thanks for following me, I admire anyone who manages to hang on in there and read my ramblings.  'The More the Merrier' so they say.  I also appreciate all of your comments too,  it is great to know you are out there.  XXX