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Friday, 8 July 2011

Picnic Bread - Tear and Share

As much as I love my 'Slow Pot', I also love my 'Bread Maker'.  I do not buy bread, I may buy wraps, bagels and naan breads but I make my own bread, rolls and pizza dough.  My 'Bread maker' is in use most days.  There are three types of 'Picnic Bread' in the basket.  From left to right, 'Pesto and Garlic', 'Olive and Oregano' and 'Sun Dried Tomato and Parmesan'.  You can leave them together as'Tear and Share' bread.  Although I need to master the shape of my 'Tear and Share' as it morphed from a neat circle, very rustic!
It is just a basic dough recipe with additions.  I can think of endless varieties,  I would like to try 'Cheese and Chive', 'Cheese and Onion', and 'Sun dried Tomato and Fresh Basil'.  I have also bought gourmet breads in the past that were tasty including a 'Walnut loaf' and a 'Brazil Nut' Loaf, these were both wholemeal loaves.  I think walnut bread would be delicious with 'Celery and Stilton Soup', 'Sun dried Tomato and Basil' would be delicious with 'Carrot Soup'.  Pesto and Olive breads are delicious with pasta. 'Picnic' breads are an economical addition to any meal.  You can turn a plain old bit of cheese, a simple homemade soup or salad into a tasty meal.  They are great if you are catering for a number of people at summer barbecues, buffets or of course picnics.
Day 7 of 'The Tour De Fleece' back to grey for today but struggling to fit spinning in.
It Spins like an Old Mans Beard, previously the donor of this fleece has been burning it each year!  I am hoping to at least knit a hat with it.
My youngest has his 7th Birthday on Sunday and his best friend is coming for the day tomorrow.  My oldest is 15 on Friday and has a friend stopping tonight.  These birthday preparations are seriously interfering with my spinning time!  I also really wish I had crocheted bunting!  Maybe next year.


  1. Most of all relax and enjoy! You so deserve it after all your creativity and hard work!Oh! and for popping into Chalky's World. Have fun with your friend and with your birthdays.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. Your Breads look delicious, I love tomato bread! Hope the birthday celebrations go well this weekend. (We are off to two five year old parties- one Saturday lunch and the other Sunday lunch, so that's no cooking for me!)
    Have a great weekend.. and keep on spinning! Jude x

  3. Those breads look so tasty! I'm seriously beginning to think about investing in a bread maker. I also need to try making rolls sometime. Your beautifully browned flavored rolls have inspired me!

  4. Lucy, you are such a productive lady, quite the inspiration! I used to bake all our bread when the kids were little. I used sourdough starter, goats milk, duck egg and I ground the wheat also in this loud supersonic wheat grinder. The wheat flour came out warm. I used this W shaped steel pan that made two long loaves. Now hubby is the bread maker, although he's fallen down on the job. LOL I hope he starts again. I've spun some scratchy old wool in my day.. now I love spinning soft Alpaca, which I have 4 colors to spin. :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Mmmmm your bread looks delicious! You have inspired me to bit more creative with the breadmaker that we have! Keep on spinning cos its all looking great so far :)

  6. everything looks amazing Lucy and huge happy birthdays to your little ones who are not so little now I know but will always be to us Mums :)
    Helen xx

  7. Lacey, definitely go for a bread machine they double up as fantastic air fresheners. I love the house smelling of homemade bread.

    Helen, you are right Our babies will always be our babies! Hope your secret Uni project is coming along nicely for your baby :)

    Jude, I am thoroughly birthdayed out and will be doing it all again on Friday! lol

    Linda one birthday down and one to go! :)


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