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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 2 'Tour De Fleece' 2011

Today I completed the plying of the Ula Batts and Tussah silk, from Yummy Yarns UK.  It is very soft yarn with a touch of luxury.  I need to skein it but for now my Niddy Noddy has gone on walkabouts.  It will turn up.  I plan on spinning some more Grey tomorrow after work when the little one is in bed and then I am trying to formulate a plan for these:
These are fibres I received in a Scrap Swap Parcel.  They are a complete explosion of colours.  They have actually been very useful for colour theory workshops.  I may just go for the random spin and ply as my confidence to devise a colour palette is not up to what it should be.  I also intend to teach myself how to Navajo ply at some point in the 'Tour De Fleece'.  (That is a method of plying singles as opposed to two yarns plied together.)  For now just any spinning over the next three work days will be an achievement.  I save the adventurous stuff for my days off!


  1. Wow, that is beautiful spinning, my dear. I've got my spinning wheel ready to go and some fiber ready to go, now I just need some time! I've had a lot of stuff going on. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Those blue/green bits at the top of your post are absolutely gorgeous! I could look at them all day and not get bored with them. The shiny yellow strands look like flecks of gold! I can only imagine how soft it must feel with the silk in it. I'd like to see whatever it turns into, however far off that may be. Hopefully your Niddy Noddy (whatever it is, pardon my naivety) shows up soon!

  3. I stumbled across your blog about a week ago and have been really enjoying reading about all of the fun things you do. As a fiber enthusiast myself I am eager to see how your 'Tour De Fleece' spinning turns out.
    Once you start to Navajo ply it will be all you'll want to do for a while. It was the first type of ply I learned and had a hard time breaking away from it. It is really simple as you are basically making a crochet chain out of your singles - you just pull the loops really long is all.
    Good luck!

  4. Teresa, You are very kind and supportive of all my weird persuits, thanks buddy. x

    LaceAnn, I am glad you like the yarn, sometimes I wonder is it just me...I love the word Niddy Noddy, it still hasn't turned up though. When it does I will make sure it has a blog appearance! lol

    Rachael, thank you, I love your blog too and think your spinning is great. I must crack on with the Navajo plying, I will watch youtube tutorials. I saw Andean plying, if that is what is called, it looked very complicated!

  5. Beautiful Lucy!!! I am TDF-ing too and having so much fun, god those colours are amazing!


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