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Friday, 29 July 2011

Camping in Somerset July 2011

Here is my old tent, in a field on a Goat Farm in Somerset.  I am back home now, happily back in the Land of Blog, safe and sound and clean again.  None the worse for my experience but running water, comfortable chairs and electricity feel like luxury.
We had a couple of camp fires, baking potatoes, cooking sausages and toasting marshmallows.  Sadly the toasting Marshmallows resulted in my friend taking a trip to Accident and Emergency!  A Marshmallow fell of it's stick and gave her a nasty burn!  It has really put me off toasting Marshmallows.  They will no longer be part of my camping experience.
The weather was more than kind to us and the river was very welcome for cooling off.  I don't really deal with precise temperatures there is just freezing, cold, chilly, mild, warm, hot and very hot in my vocabulary.  It was very hot.  The river was great for cooling off and not just for Lacey...

We all took a dip!
Sarah was lucky enough to see a kingfisher at the river but I had too much noise accompanying me.  I did admire the flowers though.
Edit : My bro thinks this may be Great Willow herb, I thought willow herb too but am open to
 offers :)
I do not know what these are but they are beauties, I will get around to identifying them but if any one knows I would appreciate it....
This one I think is Himalayan Balsam described as beautiful but dangerous.  It escaped from Kew Gardens in the 1830s and is currently taking over the British countryside as an invasive weed!

  We were in good company with the Lords and Ladies on the riverbank.
All the fresh air of the open countryside even made sleeping on an airbed possible.
Tomorrow I will post about Euan's experiences with 'Goat care'.  We had a very hands on experience and got involved with the daily chores.  We missed our chickens terribly and Euan liked checking the Hens on the farm for eggs.  When I got home the 'Girls' all clucked happily for a while, they missed their Mama.  I want to be a goat farmer when I grow up!  I fell in love with a billy goat called Ken, I think he liked me too.  I always think the best thing about going away is coming home though.  It is just a shame I had to leave Ken behind.


  1. I am glad you had a good time camping :) The heat must've been a nuisance, but it's always a joy to get away for a bit. It sure looks like at least one of your boys had a good time! It's good to have you back and I'm sure you're glad to be enjoying modern luxuries again!
    Best of luck with your goat aspiration!

  2. What an adventure you had! The photo of your boy in the creek was soooOOoo adorable!! That Billy goat must not have been "in season" as when it's breeding time they don't smell so good! I raised Nubian dairy goats for years and know quite a bit about them. There's nothing cuter than the newborn kids!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. All the things that weave together to make a childhood full of memories never to be forgotten xx

  4. Welcome back to civilisation! The second pink one looks like Japanese Knotweed which is a pernicious weed.
    Rachel from Guild

  5. Gosh ! I do admire you! rule No 1 in our home is ( for me) no camping, no caravans, no sleeping in small boats! I'm very strict and the rest of the family go along with it!
    I do think camping is very brave, lots of true grit etc:-) Well done!!! Jude x

  6. Great post. Glad you had a good time.

  7. Hi Bud glad you had a great time apart from having to go to A&E. The first plant I'm pretty sure is Great Willowherb, Epilobium hirsutum its habitat is near rivers and streams and damp places and open spaces.

    Om mani padme hum :-)

  8. What a fun post. Wish I were lying on my back in that cool stream... The look on that little redhead's face says it all!


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