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Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Camping We Shall Go!

I have been getting ready to go camping, the thought and the excitement of it is exhausting.  I never travel light!  A friend asked if I wanted to go to Glastonbury for the day, I love Glastonbury, so the trip has grown into a two or three night excursion on the above farm in Somerset for my friend Sarah and her dog Jake, myself, Henry, Euan and our dog Lacey.
It is a working goat farm.  The facilities are basic to non existent.  My view is this is character building for the kids and myself.  We are practicing for our trip to Cornwall in five weeks.  I love the Somerset countryside Goats or no goats!  Henry is worried about the lack of basic amenities.  I think it is very funny!
The farm is down the same Lane as England's longest Ford!  The river Axe runs through the campsite and I have just read the owners have been creating Rope and Tyre swings this afternoon.  My boys should like those!  I chose the site because I am hoping it will be peaceful, also you can have campfires, which on many 'camp' sites you cannot these days.  I am hoping will will be able to try advanced bush craft skills such as toasting Marshmallows on a stick and boiling water for a pot noodle.  I really hope the Insect repellent I ordered online arrives tomorrow or Tuesday as we leave on Wednesday morning.  We have blow up beds, blow up pillows and sleeping bags at the ready.  All that 'blowing up' will also be character building for the kids, as will fetching water and sorting the technicalities of morning ablutions!   I must remember to pack a couple of crochet projects and the spindle may sneak in somewhere.  Oh and I can't forget to pack some eggs!  Euan ate the first one soft boiled for tea tonight, he dipped in the obligatory toasted soldiers.  We have had four eggs now and Euan collected his first this morning, he was so proud of it he came down the garden singing an 'I have got an egg' song.


  1. Oh! You will be quite near to me. My Grandmother got married in the church in Axminster. Have a lovely time x

  2. Oh boy, sounds like a fun time for all. They do have a place to use for a lavatory, right? LOL I'm so happy you're getting eggs now, that first one was quite big, they'll get bigger for a while, too. Have a great camping trip and I can't wait to see photos!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Camping is always (well, almost always!) a fun experience. My family, including my extended family love camping and do so quite often in the fall. I'm so glad you're allowed a fire where you're going! That's one of the best things about camping! I do hope you all enjoy yourselves. The marshmallows must be had! Maybe a s'more or two as well providing you don't mind them having all that sugar! Camping classic :) So happy to hear about your eggs too. I would've loved to hear the "I have got an egg song!"
    Best Wishes!


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