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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Day 4 'Tour De Fleece' 5 July 2011

 My Ashford Standard Niddy Noddy is 15" (380mm) long to make a 60" (1524mm) skein. 60 winds is 100 
Yeah it turned up!  Well my Mom must have found it while she tidied my house when I was at work!  I know I am very spoiled!
I got 110 winds round.  I only work in Metric so will need to go and do some maths.  I am happy to work in approximates so over 150 metres of yarn.
It made a nice 70g skein.  That I will have to wash and set the twist.  I also have another slightly larger skein.  I have not decided what to make yet so these skeins will join my stash.  It is good to be reunited with my Niddy Noddy though.  (I like typing it as much as I like saying it!)  For Day 4 of 'The Tour Fleece' I    will carry on with the 'Rainbow' spinning when all is calm.

Last night I felt very smug picking peas, broad beans and parsley from the garden.  I made a delicious looking rice salad for my lunch at work with a splash of lemon juice, some seasoning and olive oil.  I also added chopped gammon.  I was really looking forward to it at lunchtime.  Guess what?  I forgot to take it!  It has been one of those days, I hope I remember to take it tomorrow.


  1. Lovely, lovely wool. I do not covet things very often but that colours palette is one of my very favourites. So I shall watch with interest to see what you make!
    AND Don't for get that yummy lunch!

  2. pretty pretty yarn. Any plans with what to make with it?

  3. Today you spun the sea!
    Fancy forgetting your lovely lunch, tomorrow it will probably taste even better though. (today I got crab from our fish market, delicious)
    Carol xx

  4. Lucy, that yarn is delicious in color and beautiful in how finely it was spun. And the salad made me hungry for something like that!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. So glad you found your Niddy Noddy :) God bless moms! I agree with the other ladies here: that is a beautiful skein and it does indeed look like you've spun sparkly water right into your yarn! It is a worthy addition to your stash.

  6. Oh I would love to have a pretty niddy noddy like yours...mine is just pvc pipe...but hey, it works.
    Your yarn is beautiful!
    Oh and Andean plying is super simple, it's the prep that gives me fits...once I remember the path to wrap the yarn I do fine and it goes fast but I always have to look it up to get started!

  7. Your lunch looked lovely...however that yarn looks absolutely delicious! I am very envious of anyone who can spin.

  8. If you re going to have a thing you might as well give it a fun name!! Got any more spinning equipment with comedy names? A doodle wanger perhaps?

  9. yeah, I remembered my lunch today! Thank you for your comments on my yarn and for your admiration of my Niddy Noddy. I haven't tried plying yet I like a nice fat bobbin full before I ply.
    Carol I haven't mastered the art of liking crab yet, I love the concept of eating UK crab though. I must try crab cakes. Birmingham has a fantastic fish market. This year I tried Lobster for the first time. It was frozen. I though it was very expensive for a fish fingers worth of meat!
    Louise the only other spinning term that makes my Mom and I giggle like school girls is the term 'Orifice' the hole your yarn passes through on your wheel. In the spinning world it seems the larger your orifice the more desirable it is!


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