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Thursday, 14 July 2011

I am Officially 'Poo Free'!

My Photographic Blog Debut
My kids and partner were a bit alarmed until I explained, however they still think I am very weird.  I have read this interesting article at the link below:

here is another interesting link:

It explains all about going 'Poo free'.  Tonight I washed my hair with a solution of Bicarbonate of Soda and a solution of vinegar to rinse.  I must admit so far so good, my hair and scalp feel very clean and fresh and my hair is very soft.   (There is a slight whiff of Vinegar about me though!)  I thought I rinsed for ages in the shower.  My Great Grandmother used to rinse her hair with beer, but I think that is a waste.
I hate having my photograph taken but thought this blog post would be a bit dull without pictures and I wanted to illustrate my point that without 'Shampoo' your hair can still look clean an shiny.  Mine is still a bit wet in this picture though!  ( Any Ginger Jokes...I really have heard them all before!)
I reminded myself of 'Cousin Itt' From the Adam's Family.  Itt Looks  'Poo Free' too.
 For Anyone following the Tour de Fleece, I have been spinning Rainbows again today.  Honest Guv!


  1. I remember rinsing my hair with vinegar "to make it shine", rinsing with water from steeping camomile flowers and also using Linc-o-beer shampoo (doubt there was much beer in it)
    Interesting article, my hair tangles like mad so I use a lot of conditioner, I might just give it a try - when I'm feeling brave.
    Your hair is lovely, beautiful colour - and same length as mine!
    Carol xx

  2. Your hair color is absolutely BEEYOOOOTEEEEFULLL! There are people that pay a fortune to have that color. I swim in a salt water pool, my poor hair is not liking it.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. There's nothing wrong with your hair colour at all!
    That was an interesting article and if I didn't shave my head I might have given it a go....all I do with my hair is wash it in the same soap as the rest of me :)

  4. From a fellow ginger - your hair is AWESOME!! ;) Hurray for no poo too! I stopped using sulphates and silicones a few months ago and my hair feels SO much healthier.

    Have you read anything about the "curly girl" method? It also follows a no-poo routine. This computer is way too slow to link you I'm afraid, but if you do a google search for "curly girl" some info should come up - there's even a curly girl group on Rav where you might get lots of good tips! :) (Obviously your hair isn't very curly, but I spy some lovely waves there!!).

    Much love,

  5. Nice one, you could check out this link for DIY deodorant

    :-) x

    ps good to hear Henry had a good report from his work placement...good on him!

  6. Day three my hair still looks and feels clean, by the next day usually it would be lank and greasy. I wonder what the next wash will do? If it all falls out I will be sure to let you all know! lol

  7. Thanks for this post, it inspired me to give it a go, so far so good, am loving how clean my hair feels

  8. I am reading this a little late –have you been no-poo all the last two weeks and how does it work. I read that up to the first three weeks are the worst, as that’s the transition for the oil production. I few weeks ago I tried not using poo for some days (just water) and my hair was so soft and I even got curls while otherwise my hair is straight and dry.
    I think I should go for another try, this time with the baking soda wash and vinegar rinse…
    I love your hair, nice length and the colour is beautiful!!


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