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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tour De Fleece Day 5 - And 'The Happy Couple'

I have been wanting to show you this happy couple.  They reappeared last week from the dark depths of the 'Toy Box'.  They are both about 35 years old and were made by my Nana.  They have been very loved by me (and still are).  Then my oldest son loved them and then my youngest has loved them.  It is almost time for me to reclaim them.  I think they deserve a trip to the 'Dolly Hospital' but I am a bit too scared to touch them. They both need a good wash and could do with a re-stuff!  They are called 'Lady' and 'Ted'.  I know, highly original huh?  They have lasted well though and have both been on many adventures.  I am amazed they have survived the years.  My Nana knitted all of her grandchildren toys and I think we all had a 'Ted'.  I also used to get lots of pretty 'Sindy doll' clothes and baby doll clothes.  The boys had football kits and cricket jumpers for their Action Men.  I think handmade toys are the best as the love gets stitched in. 
I am still going with the old 'Tour de Fleece'.  I did over and hour yesterday of 'Rainbow' and when all is calm again tonight will spin a bit more.   I am very tempted to ply 'Rainbow' with the grey.  I will have to do a sample of a couple of meters and make my mind up.    


  1. I love these! They remind me of all the great crocheted toys my grandma (Nan) made for me which have also survived 30ish years.

  2. Dear Lucy, I love your knitted toys by your grandma. I hope my sock monkeys with crocheted hat, scarf and skirt will be treasured by my little granddaughters. I looked through my spinning basket and found 4 colors of Alpaca I will be spinning, plus some spinning I did of rainbow colors. Will show you in my next post.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hi bud, yeah Nan knitted me and Bill polo neck sweaters for our Action Men and the best by far was our Jolly Roger aka Skull and Bones jumpers (for us not Action men). Nan was a great knitter and would be proud that you've continued the family knitting tradition with imaginative and skillful creations. Dave aka Uncle Keith passed on some good wood work tips to me God bless him and Nan.

    Luv Big Bruv x

  4. There is love in each and every stitch. So nice they are still appreciated. My Granny did this sort of thing for us too and I still have the Sindy clothes she made.
    I used to love looking in the window of "The Poppen Doctor" (Poppen being the dutch word for doll)in Roermond in Holland when we lived near there. All these lovely mended dolls and toys, in a disposable world it's lovely to see things mended than rejected.

  5. I love your knitted toys! I don't really recall my Nan knitting me any toys - but she did knit me my school jumpers....that were WAY too big! I think gauge may have been a bit of step too far for her!
    Can't wait to see how your yarn turns out :)

  6. Wonderful Lady and Ted, they were obviously well made with lots of love which has made them last all those years.
    Carol xx


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