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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Camel - Tour de Fleece 2011 Day 15

I have to own up to having a 'Tour de Fleece' Puncture on Friday.  I think Birthday's and a busy week caught up with me.  Henry had a good last day of work experience for his birthday and then he requested a Barbecue at my parents.  Henry is somewhat of a food connoisseur and likes to try new (to him) foods Oysters, Octopus, Lobster, Rabbit etc.  He has quite adventurous taste.  He had requested 'T Bone Steak - Rare'.  My Dad bought him a whopping 'Black Welsh' beef steak.  Henry really enjoyed it.  So all the frivolities meant I got a bit off track.   Never mind I am back in the saddle and ready to attempt to spin everyday again until the 22nd July.
Day 15's attempt was something new to me.  Camel!  I never used to be a Yarn snob.  However I can see myself getting that way if I'm not careful.  Shiela at had a very generous offer in June, for subscribers to her Newsletter.  She sent out a Fibre Selection.  The fibres were Camel - Natural 'White' Tops, Angora Rabbit - Natural white, Cashmere Tops - Natural white, Baby Alpaca - Natural white, Kid Mohair 'Super Grade' - Natural white and 'Fine Dehaired Yak wool.  The subtle nuances is fascinating.  I have worked mostly with wool.  I have spun a little silk and some 'Dog hair' in the past.  This was a fantastic opportunity to try something new. 

Camel is something else!  It is so soft and silky and I really wouldn't call the colour white.  I would call it 'Caramel Camel'.  It is beautiful.  I am however very allergic to Angora Rabbit and also cat hair.  I have a feeling I am a little sensitive to camel.  It could be that it has shared space with the Angora though!  My eyes swell and my nose itches when I come in to contact with Angora or some cats.  I used to have a lovely Tom Cat called Buddy, I loved him very much and put up with the sneezes and sniffles, which only got bad if he brushed himself on my face.  I love cats.  I am still going to attempt to spin a little angora though. As I type it is sitting next to me and I can feel a huge sneeze coming on.  The Camel spins into a beautiful soft yarn and feels very warm in my hand as I spin.  I would love a jumper or cardigan made in fine Camel, Oooh Bless Me! I have just had a huge sneeze!  No good wearing a jumper that feels great but makes you sneeze and gives you Hives!  I am going to knit swatches with these fibres and sew them together for a Display.  I may add fine 'Lacey Hair' to the collection - 'Natural Black!'
I am looking forward to spinning Yak the most. 

I was reading last night about Qiviut - which is the fine undercoat of the Musk-Ox.  It is reputably the finest 'wool' in the world.
The wool is stronger than sheep's wool and eight times warmer but finer than Cashmere.  22g of Qiviut Yarn sells for about $42 dollars!  That is a price not to be sniffed at!  Achoo!  Oh Bless Me again!  Hope you are all having a good weekend.  


  1. Bless you, glad I'm not sensitive to cats, our Rosie is mainly white and she sheds everywhere.
    Amazing all the different fibres you are spinning, and now you are off hunting Yaks!
    Glad Henry enjoyed his birthday and his new food. I have a friend who likes her steaks blue, I prefer medium.
    Carol xx

  2. I've alwas wondered about spinning doghair. I could keep you well supplied as Sally is in the midst of a moult (when is she not?) I could knit a new dog!! Lovely fibres.

  3. What an exciting thing to experiment with different fibers! I've heard good things about camel hair. I think I might have to try hooking it sometime. I can't believe how expensive that yak wool is! That's outrageous! It must be VERY nice. You'll have to let us know how each of the fibers works up for you :)

  4. Isn't it fun to be adventurous with the fiber you spin? I've spun wool, angora rabbit, alpaca, silk, cotton and mohair. My favorite is alpaca so far.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Allergic to yarn?? Poor you!
    I love that you are experimenting with spinning different yarns :)
    How much is that Qiviut yarn??? Crikey....

  6. hehe have a look at vicuna fibre. that sells for $250 per ounce... its also finer than quiviut


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