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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Blue Cheese Scones

I have blogged recipes for:
Lemonade-scones,  Ginger-beer Scones,  Cheese Scones and Cheese-and-Beer Scones.  I thought I had pretty much done 'The Scone' thing for a while, until I blogged my recipe for Pear-and-Vanilla-Butter.  It was suggested it would be delicious spread on 'Blue Cheese Scones'.  I have never heard of Blue Cheese scones so I went back to the Lemonade Scone recipe and adapted it to use Soda Water and  some creamy, crumbly Blue Shropshire Cheese.  So much easier and quicker than rubbing the butter and flour together and you get a lovely light textured scone.  I chose Blue Shropshire cheese over Stilton as Blue Shropshire has a wonderful golden colour.  They were easy peasy to make and I have just indulged with with some butter and Pear and Vanilla Butter.  What a great taste combination.
350g of Self Raising Flour
170ml of Soda Water
170ml of Double Cream
200g of Blue Shropshire Cheese, grated
Salt to taste

Put the flour, salt and cheese (save some of the cheese for sprinkling on top of the scones) into a large bowl.  Mix the cream and the soda water together then add it to the flour and cheese mixture.  Mix quickly and lightly to make a soft sticky dough.  Turn the dough out onto a floured board.  Press the mixture out to about 2cm thick and cut into scones.  Place on a tin covered with baking parchment.  Sprinkle the scones with the remaining cheese and bake in a medium hot oven for 10-15 minutes until they are golden brown.
(They smell fantastic while they bake and are delicious warm).


  1. pity i'm allergic to blue cheese :o( but i am sure they will work with other cheeses :o) and i love the sound of pear and vanilla butter!
    am paying one of my rare visits to the internet, don't get here much these days as i have become very veeery aneamic (not sure why yet) and when i am not doing necessary chores i'm tending to fall fast into the land-of-nod. therefore i have planned a lazy summer - recharging my batteries.
    but i will drop by from time to time to catch up on your posts (they always make me smile :o) and say hello.

    hope you are having a happy summer holiday

    warmest thoughts and wishes

    and happy camping! xxx


  2. Dear Lucy,

    Thanks again for the blog award, you're a darling. Those scones look delish.. unfortunately I can't follow the UK recipes as I don't "do" metrics.

    Have a great week!!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. oops! i thought i'd left a comment here (but obviously didn't post it properly) in which i said it was a shame i am allergic to blue cheese, but i hoped another cheese would work and that pear and vanilla butter sounds divine! it looks so too.
    i also said that although i am having a lazy, blog-free summer i hope to visit my fave blogs (esp. here as it always makes me smile :o) from time to time. i just won't be writing one for a bit. one of the reasons for my laziness is that i have become very veery aneamic not sure why yet) and just want to snooze all the time.
    i had an anonymous comment on my newest post saying whatever!!!!!!!! lol
    i repied with this :p
    someone obviously misses me ;oD
    it makes one feel their blog is becoming noteable when they start recieving rude comments.

    hope you are having a fabbo bank holiday

    love and hugs xxx


  4. Teresa I hope this works:
    170ml = 3/4 cup
    350g = 1 and 1/2 cups
    200g of grated cheese is about a cup of grated cheese.
    (If they fail the chickens will love them sprinkled into crumbs as a treat!) I get very confused with US cooking, I could really do with getting 'cup' measures off ebay - also what do you call self raising flour? Is All purpose flour the same as our plain flour?

  5. Millie, It is always a pleasure to bump into you in Blogland :) I saw that comment, how rude! I can't believe people are so bored or negative. On Attic 24 people can be quite rude too, I say 'Get over it!' It surprises me. There are some funny folks out there and you know what I would tell them. Blog Off! I am Queen of my own blog if I don't like it I would delete it. Everyone has been very kind to me so far...fingers crossed, touch wood and all that. xxx See you soon

  6. aww...

    i hope you only ever get kind comments.. it's what you deserve!

    my daughter is twisting my arm (and she doesn't need to twist it too hard) to make the scones tomorrow :o)

  7. This sounds so yummy that I have copied the recipe instantly!

  8. they are good good good! even when made with Wyfe of Bath cheese (with a little red leicester added for colour) :o)
    but warning: if you have any hungry Horaces or Herberts prowling the kitchen the whole blooming lot will dissapear within seconds and they may not even leave you one! be prepared to make double the amount.

  9. Millie, I am glad you tried them, they are much easier than the rubbing in method and you get a very light texture. Very cheap and cheerful for Hungry Herberts or Horaces. My Mom is currently a bit addicted to the Ginger Beer ones, you should try those! Scones Rule!

  10. ginger beer ones???!!! ooooh must try those.. yes, indeedy!
    and wouldn't Enid Blyton have just adored them?!

  11. Shropshire Blue Cheese Scones with chive butter at Ludlow Castle Tearooms are outstanding. Worth an hour or two's drive just to get one... :-)


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