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Monday, 30 May 2011

Crocheted Granny Stripe Owl

I have recently been admiring 'Owls'.  I have been noticing knitted owls, crocheted owls, some beautiful fabric owls and applique owls.  I have bought Greetings cards and wrapping paper with adorable 'Owl' designs.  I am not sure what style you would call them.  'Folk Owls?'  'Arts and Crafts Owls?'  'You Catch My Drift Owls?'  I wanted to make a 'Crocheted Granny Stripe Owl'.  This is my second attempt.  I whipped  her up this morning.  It is amazing how much mess one little owl can make, I have yarn ends and buttons all over the place.  I do think she is rather cute though.  I tried to write the 'pattern' as I went along so will attempt to post that later.


  1. I have a big owl made out of the bottom of an oil drum on my house wall outside so I am with you about owls! However, it became a problem as they started appearing as gifts from everybody and anybody and some/most were horrendous. So my love of owls has had to go underground!
    Love yours though!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. awwww so cute! Makes me wish I could crochet...

  3. she is so Adorable!!!
    i'm a big fan of Owly goodness.
    we have a cat we call Owly - who is more grumpy than good, but we love him.
    have you ever seen the 70's t.v series The Owl Service? it is pretty cool (if you like weird, spooky b&w 70's t.v type stuff like i do).

  4. Linda my Sister in law had that too they seem to flock to you whether you like it or not. :)

    Hannonle I am sure we could teach you to crochet. Linda's Blog has some great tutorials. My Nan had me practicing a chain for ages until the hook felt comfortable and I built up speed. Your knitting is great. :)

  5. That’s quite true Lucy. One owl we were given is particularly hideous - painted black with demonic yellow eyes. It lives outside!

    I wonder if your Mum is starting to feel the same way about crystals … ?

    Sue xxx (S-I-L)

  6. Lucy,
    I LOVE your Owlie. She's got real

  7. This is a beauty! Great work. I made one years back at school in makramee, that knotting technique.
    Do you know the owl sweater/mittens?

  8. Wow! I have just clicked through to your blog from

    and found your beautiful crocheted owl. I have been looking for a crochet owl to make for ages! Will have to try this soon, it's wonderful!
    I actually came looking to see what baking soda does to hair!

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