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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ginger Beer Scones

I am turning in to The Queen of Scones!  I have posted the recipe for Cheese Scones then I posted the recipe for Easy Peasy Lemonade Scones, one for the boys, I posted the recipe for Cheese and Beer Scones.  Now let me bring you ............The Ginger Beer Scone!

Makes about 12-14 scones.

325g self-raising flour
170ml cold Ginger Beer (use the carbonated type)
170ml Double cream (It needs to be a heavy cream as no other fat is going into these scones.)
25g of finely chopped Crystallised Ginger

Preheat oven to 225 degrees Celsius (205 degrees Celsius fan-forced). Line a baking tray with baking paper.

Sift flour into a large bowl add the crystallised ginger. Combine Ginger Beer and cream in a medium bowl. Add Ginger Beer and cream mixture to flour and gently fold ingredients together until just combined (don't over mix the dough as this will make tough scones). The dough should be fairly soft and sticky.

Place dough on a lightly floured work surface, form into a round and press out to about 3.5cm thickness. Cut scones using a floured 5cm diameter cutter.   Use a quick, firm motion to cut the scones to gives them a better shape and it makes them less likely to stick to the cutter. Form the offcuts into another round and cut some more scones.

Place scones close together on the tray, so they are just touching. Bake for about 12-15 minutes, or until pale golden and cooked through.

If you like your scones to have a soft crust, cover them with a clean tea towel for one minute after removing from the oven. Delicious served spread with butter and  a drizzle of honey .

Scones take no time at all to make and are very economical as a quick snack.  It also makes sense when you already have the oven on to use the fuel economically and bake goodies alongside dinner.


  1. Hi Lucy, you'll be giving Mr. Blumenthal a run for his money with all your new ideas.
    Someone having a rant on MSE would have benefitted from reading your new recipe.
    Did you watch Masterchef? Last night's final was amazing.
    Carol xx

  2. Carol, fancy chucking Ginger Beer away! I like Mr Bluminwhatsit, but I prefer Hugh Fernley thingamejig. I had Masterchef on but to say I watched it would be a fib, I was impressed with the Hare with Parsnip and chestnuts. My Grandmother was the manager over school dinner kitchens in the sixties and seventies she was a Delia and Mary Berry fan, no nonsense, good nutritious and economical cooking. I was on TV once many moons ago for the finals of Junior Cook of the Year(I was on for a total of about fifteen seconds) I was about twelve. I didn't win but I did get some prizes a set of bakeware, a posh 'Slowcooker', a cookery book, and a proper chef's hat. I am a frustrated Fanny Craddock at heart. I also entered a Bisto Gravy competition and won a video camera for my recipe, my photograph was in a recipe booklet attached to the side of thousands of tubs of Bisto Gravy granules. Every Dog has his day!

  3. You were famous!
    I'm a "basic" cook but I do like to watch Masterchef and am a Hugh fan too.
    If I look over my shoulder to my bookcase ...... Delia Smith, Mary Berry, Marguerite Patten, Nigel Slater et al!
    Carol xx

  4. Wow what an interesting recipe, would never have thought of using Ginger Beer in Scones!


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