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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lucy 'In The Sky' - April 2011 Photo Collage

You would not believe how many times I have tried to make a Digital Photo Collage.
  At last here is April 2011
 It looks like I had a lovely month.
I wonder what May will bring?
Wishing you all a Happy May Day. 
May Day is related to the Celtic festival of Beltane it marks the end of the 'Winter' half of the year.  According to 'Wikipedia'
 "it has traditionally been an occasion for popular and often raucous celebrations."
I am off to be a Raucous May Queen and dance around the Maypole.
(Well I will have a little go around the Rotary Washing Line!)


  1. i am glad someone else calls it Beltane too :o) it's a merry day in the meadow...or it would be if the farmer hadn't ploughed it this year and planted it with some sort of field beans. not that that's too bad, as they generally look marvelously spooky come the early autumn (closer to Lughnasadh than Samhain). the meadow has been moved to another field (a challenge to my agoraphobia) called 'the cradle' as it is shaped like one, which is now resplendant in cowslips and pink campion and edged with bluebells. i must try to get there with my camera (actually my daughter's, mine's brocken).
    i am very impressed with your 1st Collage. it is lovely to see your world in this way. i always think of you like that, with your crochet, baking, spinning, hens and red-headed elfs. a fascinating person you are, to be sure.

    may you have a wonderfully racous month of merry-making xxx



  2. Dear Lucy, I am commenting on 2 posts - you're doing well at doing lots of posts, bravo, you! I love your silk spinning.. what was it you spun it with? I remember spinning some silk too, luscious! How did you do your collage? Seems some people have some magic way of doing it that I haven't found out about. I did my one collage using PhotoShop and it was a pain in the patootie. LOL Enjoy the better part of the year, I'm so glad it's here!

    Hugs, Teresa

  3. I am back to work after the bank holiday so my posting will slow down...I wanted to do a photo collage at the end of each month and it has taken me weeks to fathom it out. I used a free download Picasa3 and played and played with it for hours, yesterday I was clueless today I somehow managed! It's got to be foolproof if I managed it. I didn't find it quick to learn but now I know it should be much quicker to collate photographs in future. Pain in the Patootie? lol

  4. Great collage, well done for fathoming it out.
    Happy May Day to you too, I resisted dancing round the clothes prop!
    Carol xx

  5. Hi Lucy... how are you doing?
    That's such a pretty, colourful collage.
    Very pleasing to the eyes... :)
    WIshing you a happy merry month of May..


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