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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Handspinning 'Ula' Batts and Tussah Silk

YummyYarnsUk Ula Batts with Tussah Silk (Photographs by Patricia YummyYarnsUK)

 I asked Patricia at YummyYarnsUK if she could dye some Tussah silk for me to be plied with 'Ula'.  I was delighted when it arrived and think considering the two fibres were dyed separately, weeks apart they are a fantastic colour 'match'.  I love the green and the golds with the blue.  I have been spinning like mad!  I have never spun silk before and it was lovely.  A little tricky at first to get the tension right and then it spins as smooth as ... well ... as smooth as ... silk.

I was completely surprised by the results.  Then when they were plied together I was surprised again.  I did not expect it to be so 'Marled'.  I had a slight panic that I had made the wrong choice.  Now it is off the bobbin and in a skein I love it.  It feels heavenly.  I really like the colour and texture of it.  The sheen of the silk is gorgeous with a slight sparkle from gold fibre in the 'Ula'  batts.  I am not sure yet what weight the Yarn is, if I am honest it is probably variable.  Very rustic and hand made! 

Apologies for the photgraph, my enthusiasm for sharing outweighs my photography skills, my philosophy is stick it in the sunshine, point, shoot and hope for the best!
When I have made friends with the other shawl I am knitting, I will finish that first.  Then I am hoping to knit a shawl with this yarn, when I wear it I will pretend to be The Little Mermaid!  I should end up with approximately 200g of 'Yummy' lovliness.


  1. WoW that is a thing of beauty! So gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

  2. I have a pattern rec for the new yarn. Check out 'melusine'. I made a brown version in my projects but the original is in your colours and it looks like scales so it could look very mermaid tail :)

  3. Lucy, I love what you have done with my Ula batts and the silk dye job you ordered from me. Beautiful!

    I also love Hannonle's idea of Melusine. I've dyed something and named it Melusina, love the whole legend and history behind the name and surprise! it includes spinning!

    The most famous literary version of Melusine tales, that of Jean d'Arras, compiled about 1382–1394 was worked into a collection of "spinning yarns" as told by ladies at their spinning.

    I found it while reading about Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of Edward IV who's mother was Melusina, a witch or water fairy.

    Ula meaning in Celtic - Gift of the sea, it all fits together so well.

  4. Oh so beautiful.
    Carol xx

  5. Beautiful spinning, I love the colour!

    Thanks so much for adding me to your blog list too :)

    S x (Cherry Heart)

  6. Wow! good topic are discussed in this blog , Good picture gallery is added for support in this blog. Keep it up !

  7. Your skein came out so gorgeous! You're making me want to learn to spin :P

  8. Crystal thanks for popping over and leaving your lovely comments, you really should learn to spin it is great fun and then all your yarn is unique :)


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