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Monday, 2 May 2011


This is a beautiful picture of Peter Rabbit eating radishes from Mr Mcgregor's garden.  This Beatrix Potter story was one of my favourites as a child and I loved reading it to my children.  I am a bit of dreamer and for me the humble home grown radish conjurs this delightful image.  My son loves picking things from the garden and eating it, he nibbles on Parsley and Chives when there is not much else growing.  He also eats a stick of rhubarb dipping it into sugar.  We are truly living off the fat of the land! 

Yesterday he had his first crunchy radish of the season and he likes them as much as Peter Rabbit did.  He would eat them for breakfast if I would let him.  I am a spoil sport.  I have a small patch of rocket I have been picking and mixing it with baby spinach leaves for salad,  it will be delicious with a few sliced radishes tossed in.  After a quick Google search I have discovered I have been throwing the most nutritious part of the Radish away, the greens.  I have found a recipe for Radish 'Greens' Soup.  In fact I have found hundreds of Radish recipes.  I could write a book as a follow on from last years '101 ways with a Turnip', '101 Ways with a Radish.'  I will have to be quick though before they all disappear!

Here is a Radish Recipe I have adapted to try:

Radish Butter

1 Bunch Radishes, finely sliced (save the greens for soup!)
2 tablespoons chopped Parsley
25g softened Butter
1 tablespoon of Mayonnaise

Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.  Spread on fresh crusty bread or crispbread and enjoy!
This recipe belongs to the 'Cucumber Sandwich' brigade, it gives you the fresh taste of the Summer and would make good picnic food.


  1. Looks fantastic! I can't believe how far on my strawberries are already. This good weather is really bringing on the crops.

  2. What gorgeous radishes! My mother just loved radishes, but funny, I've never bought any. I would love to grow some in her memory. Hugs, Teresa

  3. I have to own up to forgetting about radishes, DH doesn't like them so I don't grow them. Perhaps I should buy myself a packet.
    The sad story of the easter bunny, not to be read by children - as happens, on an almost annual basis, one of our cats brought home the (very small) Easter bunny. I rescued it and it ran off into the border, soon to be seen out and about munching on the grass. My neighbour is going on holiday and asked me to look after her greenhouse, at the same time telling me that the stray cat we have all seen around....... has despatched the little rabbit to the great rabbit warren in the sky. Oh dear.
    Carol xx

  4. poor little wabbit, it would have only ate your wadishes though! I read Peter Rabbit for Euan's bedtime tonight, tomorrow my favourite 'Squirrel Nutkin.'


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