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Saturday, 14 May 2011

WSD Guild Meeting - A talk by Louise Claire A Contemporary Textile Artist

"Louise Claire is a contemporary textile artist based in UK. She specializes in creating highly detailed drawings, beautiful handmade printed accessories and embroidered artwork of Architecture.
Louise Claire has attracted the interest of companies who have requested a bespoke service of designing exclusive hand made products featuring their well-known building."   Louise Claire.
Today at Birmingham and District WSD Guild's meeting Louise Claire gave a talk and shared her textile work and designs with us.  I am not an embroiderer and I have never done any screen printing.  Also my dyeing knowledge is limited.  I had much to learn.  Louise Claire works from her own drawings.  She works predomimantly on buildings both in the UK and abroad.  She draws sections of buildings and creates a 'Motif' to reproduce in print and dye, using various materials, colours and embroidery techniques.  If you click the link above you will see a range of her work that I would find difficult to explain.  It is interesting to look at Design 'scrapbooks' and see how other people get their ideas developed from start to finish.
    It is always good to chat to other guild members about the projects they are working on and I also managed to work on a pair of Crocheted Socks I am currently making.  I hope to show you at least one finished sock soon!


  1. Thank you so much for popping into Chalky's World and leaving such a lovely comment. I am following your lovely blog!
    Kindest Regards lINDA

  2. Lucy, I like the new streamlined look of your blog.. but what happened to your blog list? I enjoyed being on it.. :-) Hugs, Teresa

  3. Teresa, my 'Blog list' is still there it has just been moved lower down the page. I find it a really useful feature. I did prefer it when it showed photographs from other blogs, but I don't know how it changed and I can't seem to get them back. Blogger has been behaving a bit peculiar lately. Glad you like the new 'Streamlined look'. I am finding it tricky to get it how I want it. :)

  4. Never mind socks, WHAT ABOUT MY HAT?

  5. Dad, lol you and your Hat! I will look for a pattern and make you a can do corking (french knitting) though you could make yourself a warm one! x

  6. Lol at your Dad! So funny. Make that poor man a hat! :o)
    Look forward to crochet sock/socks ta-dah.

  7. I am seriously 75% complete on a hat for Daddy now! He is going to wish he never asked, first it looked like a Frank Spencer Beret, I continued until it looked like a fruit basket, now it looks like a fez/bowler hat! lol I will get a 'Ta-dah' picture and make him model it!


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