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Monday, 16 May 2011

My first Crochet Commission - via my Blog

Anyone reading the comments from my last post will understand my skills are finally in demand.  I was approached to make a hat.  Ok I will 'fess up' now, it was my Dad nagging me to make him a hat.  He asked for it, so I got straight to work with the hook!   This morning I presented him with this rather fetching fruitbowl, I mean hat.

As you can clearly see he was as thrilled to be presented with his hat as he was to be photographed first thing in the morning.  I offered to make my Mom a matching one with a flower embellishment but she just rolled her eyes, so I took that as a 'No'.  I thought the crochet 'his n her' look may catch on!  I have a feeling she will be offering my Dad a bribe or an ultimatum not to wear 'that' hat when he is with her or it is daylight!  If you too want to delight your loved ones, I have provided pattern links!

Here is the Ravelry link to the pattern

Here is the pattern on Crafty Christina's Blog

Get your orders in soon as I am expecting to be swamped by the demand for this fetching headwear.  Demand appears to be particularly high in the sweltering Spring/Summer months!


  1. Love it!!! He really needed that hat and he looks very happy with it :o)
    No pressure there then?!

  2. Lucy, you're so funny!! I love the hat and it's so nice to make something for a loved one. I'm sure Dad will treasure it forever. Hugs from Oregon.. Teresa

  3. Thanks dotter. Why oh why don't I listen to you when you say "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"!
    Hey Teresa, you're so right I'll treasure it for ever and I can assure you it will never wear out.
    By the way all, bookings can be taken for modelling commissions via my agent who also does my crochet for me.

  4. What great photos, your Dad looks brilliant in his fab hat. I hope he won't be insulted if I say he reminds me of Skegness's Jolly Fisherman
    Carol xx

  5. Carol, I need to clean my keyboard! You just made me nearly choke on my 'Snack a Jacks'. I followed your link...hilarious...see what trouble this hat is causing!

  6. Thanks Carol. I've adopted him as my logo

  7. Oohh thanks for making me spill my morning cereals laughing so hard! Your dad looks brilliant in your hat, your writing made me LOL and then I followed Carol's link as well... :-D
    Hugs from Belgium!

  8. Dad you look fab mate, once Luce gets orders from M&S move over Twiggy here comes Gramps lol. Love ya :-)

    ps Luce well done bud....can I have one for my birthday? One proviso. that don't have to model it lol :-)

  9. Lucy.. your Dad looks so adorable.
    Well made hat.
    Have fun!

  10. Lucy,
    Your Dad's a doll and the hat is perfect! Thanks for the vacation chuckles.

  11. hahaha thanks for the giggle!


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