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Friday, 13 May 2011

Virtuous Cake?!?

This Cake has so many Virtues I recommend you try it.
  • There is no fat in the ingredients.
  • There are no eggs in the ingredients.
  • It requires no weighing of ingredients.
  • It is a very easy recipe.
  • It is very economical to make.
  • The ingredients are easy to increase or decrease in quantity.
  • The mixture is not temperamental, you can bake it in the oven while you are baking other things and it won't sink when you open the oven door.
  • This cake keeps well and infact improves with keeping.
  • It slices really well and is ideal for packed lunches or picnics.
  • It is high in fibre so is very good for healthy digestion.
  • The house smells delicious while it is baking.
  • It tastes delicious.
1 mug of 'Bran Sticks' cereal
1 Mug of Milk
1 Mug of Sugar
1 Mug of Raisins
1 Mug of Self-raising Flour
Mixed Spice or Ground Nutmeg (optional)

In a large mixing bowl, soak the bran sticks in the milk for an hour.  Add all of the other ingredients and mix well.  Spoon the mixture into a buttered 2lb loaf tin.  Bake in a medium to low oven for approximately 40 mins, until the mixture is firm to the touch.
     As there is no fat in the ingredients I think it is fine to eat a slice spread thickly with butter!
I doubled up on the ingredients and baked two cakes alongside bread rolls.  I will be taking the cake to the monthly Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Guild meeting tomorrow to be on offer during tea breaks.  I enjoy the home-made treats at these meetings.


  1. That's the same one I make twice a week for the kids. I use bran from the health food shop, you get a big bag (enough for about 10 cakes) for under £1.00. Works great with ginger or a little orange zest. I soak the bran, sugar, dried fruit in the milk over night.
    Kids love it.

  2. Looks like an easy recipe! Yum! Hugs, Teresa

  3. Looks great... mmmm, what is 'Bran Sticks' cereal????

  4. Shanti - They look like little twigs, I don't know if you can get them in the USA. Tickety-Boo had a great suggestion as she regulary makes a cake like this using ordinary Bran from a health store, it would work out even more cost effective.

  5. Hi Lucy,

    When Julz came home with this fruit cake I knew exactly what it was, having caught up with your blog this afternoon. That recipe really appealed to me - only CBA to follow it.

    Julz said it came with a health warning that it goes straight through, which is fine by me (still passing things I ate in year 2000 - sorry!)

    It is lovely and moist and the fruit is evenly distributed. I somehow know that if I tried to make it, it would be dry at the top and all the fruit would be in a cluster at the bottom.
    Thanks ever so much!

    Lots of love, Sue xxx

  6. I specialize in such culinary concepts! For my 'O' Level food and Nutrition exam 1987, my task was to plan and cook a three course meal for a constipated old couple! I practiced high bran and apricot cookies at home, Dad has always enjoyed pinching and sneaking food! I seem to remember him saying something like "Christ Bab, what the hell was in those biscuits?" he possibly went into a little more detail, I would have unconstipated the old couple though! Mission accomplished!


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