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Friday, 27 May 2011

Saggy Bottom - Advice Needed Please

This is one of my current 'Work in Progress' projects.  An Attic 24 style Crochet Bag.  It is very colourful and will be perfect for 'Summer Glamping'.  There is just one problem, it has a rather saggy bottom.  Do you think this will sort itself out?  If you have ever made one or something similar I would be grateful for some advice/reassurance.  I intend to use cotton to line it when it is finished but I think the bottom may sag away from the lining.  I cannot possibly go Glamping with a saggy bottom.  Your advice would be appreciated thank you. 


  1. O dear. I too have this problem but its nothing to do with a bag!!!!! Keep going it may well sort itself out. I would get some stout cart stitched into your lining then at least your bottom would be flat. I hope this gets through blogger is misbehaving today.

  2. I did a small bag with an oval bottom for my little girl and I did two crochet bottoms and sandwiched a piece of plastic between the two which made the bottom really firm.

    I'm still working on my new stash bag and I'm having saggy bottom issues too. I haven't figured out a solution yet - I'm wishing I had done the same double bottom I did on the other bag now. I might stitch a stiffener to the base of the bag before I line it or I may well just embrace the sagginess!

  3. Wouldn't it make a nice hippy sun hat?

  4. Beautiful work :)

    Take three strips of the cotton the same length as the diameter as you want the bottom of the bag to be, fold them in half and seam all the way around each length making them rigid. Sew the strips crossing at the center across the inside of the bottom of the bag attaching them at intervals to the crochet work, then line with your cotton fabric as you normally would.

    Simple once you know how :D

    Helen x

  5. Well... as I said on Rav.. you could finish it and when you have it filled with yarn it should be fine. I love my Lucy bag!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. i think these bags are maybe meant to be saggy bottomed. even Lucy's looks that way, but when filled with yarn it looks fine.
    there is a way that you can make circular bags non-saggy bottomed. a bit difficult to explain in a short message and it might mean a bit of frogging (depending on how far you've got). but i think the saggy bottom sort of works, it makes it more mary poppinsish :o)


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