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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pear and Vanilla Butter

I have always enjoyed making Jams, jellies and preserves of all kinds.  Using the internet gives you such  wide access to many recipes.  Last year I discovered 'Apple Butter' that can be made in the 'slowpot', 'Crockpot'.  My neighbour gave me a large bag of apples and they needed preserving.  The Apple Butter made the house smell fantastic as it slowly cooked away, spiced with cinnamon.  This week I had a punnet of pears, they quickly turned too soft for school lunches.  I am trying hard to be thrifty and did not want to throw them away.  So I made 'Pear and Vanilla Butter'.  I am very pleased with the result, it tastes delicious.  I made it in the 'slowpot'.  I peeled all of the pears and put them in the pot on the high setting, without any liquid.  I added roughly the same volume of sugar to pear.  Then I added a couple of splashes of 'real' vanilla essence.  I cooked it on high for approximately 3 hours and then propped the lid for a further 2 hours, until the mixture had reduced, thickened and reached a setting point .  The result was one jar of thick, sticky, Pear and Vanilla Butter and it has a lovely hint of toffee and caramel flavour.  I have had some good advice that it is delicious on 'Blue Cheese Scones'.  I feel another 'Scone' recipe coming on!


  1. Hi Lucy, that looks dddddddelicious.
    Carol xx
    p.s. apologies for all the messy keyboards after my last comment.

  2. Looks amazing I am going to bookmark that right now--- Have you seen my recipe foe Churchyard Chutney as that is seriously based on apples
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. Oh Lucy... that sounds DEEEE-LISH... I have a bunch of apples sitting on my counter... can you give me the link where you got the instructions or should I just copy and paste yours? My grandfather used to make huge batches of apple butter in the pioneer days in Oklahoma and I even have this big wooden stirrer that he made himself! Hugs, Teresa :-)

  4. Carol, you have given us a few good laughs thank you x

    Linda I will check out your chutney recipe my apple tree looks like it may have a bumper year! :)

    Teresa, I think I googled Apple Butter, it is all very approximate and to taste. I filled the crock pot to the top with peeled and chopped apples, I did add about 300mls of apple juice, but I wouldn't add liquid next time. I added 2lb of sugar and I love cinnamon so I put in lots. Then because the crockpot was full it was on high for the day then you remove the lid for a further couple of hours. To reduce the liquid. If you are used to making jams and jellies you know when the set has been reached or you have the consistency you like. It kept in sealed jars for about three months. It made lovely pies and crumbles. Your wooden stirrer would love to be put to good use again. :) x

  5. Wow loving that! I bet it's delish. Make sure you keep some for the picnic ;o)

  6. Ok now I'm getting hungry that looks so tasty it's jumping out of the screen at me!


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