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Monday, 23 May 2011

Miscellaneous - Sock Yarn and flowers

In my excitement to 'Ta-Dah' my socks I didn't post which yarn I used, so I have done it here in this miscellaneous post.  I still have a small amount left from a 100g ball.  When I regain my knitting mojo I may knit a pair of socks using the left over ball.
I wanted to share these Sweet Williams, aren't they pretty?  They are my all time favourite flower.  I would like to say I grew them myself but I didn't, maybe next year, watch this space!    
I think they look particularly fetching in a Jam Jar with my Attic 24 style jar cover.  I would like to say somebody special bought them for me but they didn't!  I bought them myself from the local Mini Supermarket for the grand price of £1.50.  A small price to pay for these little beauties.  I love them.
I call this 'Flaming Katie', it comes in different colours it was all yellow when I bought it.  Over the last few weeks it has changed colour and lived up to the 'Flaming' part of its name.  It isn't photogenic though because I tried several times to capture a nice clear photograph.  To be honest I only bought it for the holder!
Cute isn't she and not as messy as my 'real' girls!


  1. Lol I bought Sweet Williams today too. They make me think of my Granny :)

  2. Sweet Williams makes me think of a very sweet story when I was VERY pregnant with my daughter. Love them x

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