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Friday, 27 May 2011

My First Blog Award

I do not really understand Blog Awards but I do know it is a kind gesture and it was nice to receive my first one from 'Bunny Mummy' .  Bunny Mummy's blog is a very pretty place to go with lots of beautiful crochet work.  Thank you for nominating me.  I think as part of this award I need to tell you 10 spectacular things about myself that you would not already know,  hmmm.  Here goes then:
1)     My home town was the home town of Led Zeppelin's Drummer John Bonham.  (I think that is cool).

2)     My favourite Film is 'Educating Rita'.  ( It makes me cry!)

3)     I have Kissed John Taylor from Duran Duran!  (I was about twelve and kissed him on the cheek.  He is the one in the middle.  How dapper did they look!)

4)     I have got my name in the acknowledgements section of a book.
        (The book is about 'Glastonbury Festival').

5)     I have eaten lunch at the top of the CN tower.

6)     I have also been to the Grand Canyon in thick thick fog!

7)     I saw Bill Clinton Jogging in Washington DC with all of his security, he was jogging I most definitely   wasn't, I have also been in 'The Whitehouse'. ( That's two but they are kind of connected and they are all pretty lame so I will throw in one extra for free.  lol)

8)     At school I was a prefect and in the choir!

9)      I have won three separate prizes for cooking or recipes in my lifetime.

10)    I can impersonate 'Olive Oyl' from Popeye ( I can also do an impersonation of 'Tweetie Pie').
  Shame I can't show you really beause you would see how talented I am!

I would like to give this award to the following Blogs they belong to my blog buddies near and far
You are the bestest blog buddies a girl could wish for:

Teresa Kasner  This site is like popping round to a friends for a natter, sharing daily life, craft, gardening and a busy family life with beautiful photographs.  I love the two way communication with Teresa.

Tickety-boo  This site has a range of quality craft posts, crochet, knitting, felting, button making and stain glass design, it is written in a fun, down to earth style by a busy Mom with great ideas and a brilliant outlook on life.

Mimis Mommy  Life as a busy Mom in India, this site is a joy.  This site gives you the feel good factor, so many nice projects often for other people, very inspiriational and uplifting. 

Sheep, Spinach and Strawberries  I always look forward to the posts on this site, the recipes are practical and tasty with a touch of the exotic.  The photographs are always fantastic too.  I particularly love the sheep.

Lally Lou-Lou  This site is always a pleasure to pop in to, lots of crafting and gardening eye candy from another busy Mom.

Eggbird Designs  This site is great.  The Design ideas are fantastic and innovative it is a very upbeat place to visit.  I love this site, it is updated regularly with a wide range of crafts completed to an exceptionally high standard.  I also enjoy the Garden photographs and cute cat photographs.

Bobby la  Robyne is incredibly talented in Needlework,knitting and more.  This is a very inspirational site and it is written with great humour and humility.

Scratch and Peck  The true adventures of a small flock of hens and 'some other critters', written by a talented illustrator.  This blog makes me laugh.  The illustrated stories are a joy.  I have recently really enjoyed 'Where's Marky?'


  1. Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I am so touched by this -- How lovely and kind. I am so glad you like popping into Chalky's World. I love reading the comments peopel leave and yours are so appreciative and encouraging. Does this mean I get to put an award picture on my blog! I have coveted one for ages but have not a clue hoe it all works. If not, never mind and thanks again
    Lots of love Linda

  2. LucyintheSky -- Thank you for the honor of a blog award! So... how do we do this? Shall I post ten things nobody knows? And then choose ten other blogs I love? Can I put that cute blog award on my page? So many questions! ...and by the way... I Love your colors, your photos, your projects, even your typeface.
    So fun to meet people like you in the world o' blogging!

  3. Gosh, Thanks -The sheep and I are so honored! We agree with Bunny Mummy -your blog with its color and charm is definitely award-worthy. Best wishes for a lovely weekend.

  4. I'm so touched,Lucy. Thank you so much for this blog award. I'm really looking forward to writing a post on and share 10 incredible things about me... :)

  5. Hi Lucy, how sweet of you to pass this honor on to me. I loved learning more things about you.. some big honors there!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Ahh thank you Lucy. I am beyond envyous about the John Taylor thing he was my fave. I'll put my thinking cap on re what is interesting about me.

  7. i love love love your facts :o)

    my son was once patted on the bum by Johnny Depp!
    i would growl at anyone that patted me on the bum with the exception of Johnny Depp.

    i got quite close to a few rock 'n' rollers when i was a dancer and dated a couple too.
    i also do a Mick Jagger impersonation.. we must get together sometime to do Olive and Mick ;o)
    you sound like a mighty talented and interesting person, but i'd kind of already guessed that anyway :o)


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