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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Handspinning 'Ula' - Yummy Yarn

You may remember I blogged about this fibre in February, You can read the post here
I finally plucked up the courage to spin with it this weekend.  It looked so pretty as batts that I was a bit reluctant to spoil it. 
 I untied and unrolled the batts, lovely, lovely, lovely.

 Using my trusty little Kiwi wheel, I managed to turn them into this nice fat bobbin full...
 It was fantastic to spin, I have been working on spinning some undyed Merino for a Dyers Picnic in June, so to switch to this was a treat.  The colours and the sparkle were fascinating.  It really made me think about Oceans, mermaids, dolphins and King Neptune.
A couple of hours into this spin I was having a dilemma with what to ply it with or wether to ply it with itself.  Then I saw some beautiful Yarn that Patricia, YummyYarnsUK has hand spun.  She Plied some wool with Tussah Silk in co-ordinating colours.  Patricia also loved the 'Ula' fibre and has agreed to dye some Tussah Silk to ply it with.  I am hoping the silk will be a fantastic contrast for this fibre, with the sheen of the silk complementing the sparkle that is already in the yarn, I can't wait to see it and have a play...for now back to the Merino.


  1. No pressure then lol

    My pics are deeper blue green and you've mentioned contrast. Do you want something different, like deep blues or a turquoisey greens. I'm not sure whether you'd prefer something that blends or contrasts. Contrast would look abit tweedy imo

  2. Ohhhh... more inspiration from you! What kind of spinning wheel do you have? I have a Kromsky Symphony wheel that is upstairs in need of re-stringing as my darling grandkids had at it and it's messed up terribly.

    Love the color of this yarn!!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  3. Teresa, I've got a Kromski Sonata and a Majacraft Suzi Pro. You must get your Symphony in action. My g.daughters spin on my Sonata and love it.Thanks for liking the batts I made.Isn't Lucy's blog lovely, she does such interesting things.

  4. Very pretty indeed, lovely colours:-)
    p.s. loving your pic of the Tor


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