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Friday, 11 February 2011

YummyYarns UK

Yummy Yarn

This is a photograph of my YummyYarn UK 'Ula' batts - Ula is a Celtic name meaning 'Sea Jewel'.  Patricia from YummyYarns UK kindly let me use her photograph to show off my batts in all their glory, as it was quicker than sending me on a photography course!  This is a beautiful photograph that captures the colours and sheen of the fibre true to life.  I can't wait to spin these babies!  I can't quite bring myself to do it yet though as I havn't finished admiring their lovliness.

SPINNING batts, merino, firestar ,green, turquoise, lime, etc 104g - ULA-'Sea Jewel' YummyYarns uk

Patricia and I share the same birthday and are Pisceans, this may account for me obsessing over these 'Sea  Jewel' delights.  They do make me think of clear blue oceans and mermaids...I have said before I am a bit of a dreamer.  They are also a much welcome antithesis to my creation 'Oil Slick'!

This photograph is of the same batts that I took today, very different results and quite disappointing.
My photography does not do this fibre justice.  I purchased three of these batts from
They are absolutely beautiful I just want to squish them and stroke them.  I will have to get tips from YummyYarns UK for photographing fibres.  If you visit the Etsy shop you will see a full range of fibres for spinning and hand dyed yarns.  I also had superfast delivery which is great for an impatient soul like me.


  1. going to send you an invite on ravelry for a really good photography group that specialises in taking photos of yarns and fibres :)

  2. Helen that is very kind of you thank you very much.

  3. Thanks for your lovely write up of the batts from Yummy Yarns UK@Etsy. Have fun when you spin them.xx


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