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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Kiwi Spinning Wheel Trolley - A Thrifty Invention

I love my Ashford Kiwi Spinning Wheel but it is not very portable.  I found this shopping Trolley in a Charity Shop last weekend.  (The dog wanted to be in the picture and I didn't want to argue.)
The Spinning Wheel did not fit on the frame like this.  So my parents found some old board/wood.  Then my Dad attached these bracketty type of things.  They hold the board tightly onto the trolley frame.

My Mom found some old carpet and my Partner found some strong glue (it was seriously called 'Sticks Like S**t'.)  It seems to have done the trick anyway.  The carpet stops the wheel from slipping about.

The wheel can be strapped on using strong elastic cord and there is still room to put the trolley bag on back to front to carry my stash!  I have no idea where I am going but now my wheel can come too.

Is this ingenious or what!


  1. Haha, this is fab! I love the idea of you just pottering around town with this - sat on the bus, in post office queues. Brilliant idea :)

    Much love,

  2. Yeah you could be the first busking spinner and start a new street trend..... Glasto here we come :-)

  3. how brilliant is that?
    creative family, I say... very creative...

    Loved it..

  4. Great idea -- but the last photo wasn't showing, was the wheel on it? I love to spin. Teresa

  5. Oh, now the last photo is showing! Odd.. but love the solution!


  6. Nice McGuyver-ing :)

    Ps - love the name of the glue! haha

  7. I simply love this trolley, the bag is perfect too! Bring it to Yummy Yarns Yurt Day I want to see it please. Years ago we had 4 young Italian men staying with us.They were in the Italian airforce and flew bombers but each morning to go to college they left our house with a trolley each, like trolley dollies! So funny watching the neighbours watching them!
    I think all spinners should have one of these and start a cult!


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