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Friday, 22 April 2011

Cinnamon Rolls and Maggie Sefton Knitting Mysteries

I may aswell come completely out of the closet!  I do enjoy reading 'Knitting Fiction'.
 There I have said it!  My favourites are the Maggie Sefton 'Knitting Mysteries'.  In the winter I went through a spell of getting cosey and reading until I nodded off.  The titles of the books themselves are great.

To go to sleep with a head full of knitting, Yarn stores, Alpaca farms, sheep shearing and fleece, spinning etc is the thing that dreams are made of.  I don't like anything scary or gruesome so these mysteries are about as hardcore as I get.  I think there are eight in the series.  Each book contains recipes and knitting patterns at the back too.  The main character 'Kelly' spends a great deal of her time either in the Yarn Store or the Coffee shop, when she isn't solving mysteries.  In one book she was drinking 'Gingerbread Coffee' and in every book she eats 'Cinnamon Rolls'.  I tracked down a place in town that served 'Gingerbread' flavoured coffee so I did a 'Kelly' and treated myself.  It was delicious.  Then last week I found this recipe...At Sheep Spinach and Strawberries  a blog about
"Food, Farm and Fiber -raising, growing, cooking, sharing".  I love this blog and today tried my version of this recipe.  I didn't have Craisins but I used sultanas and Walnuts.  Both of my Son's sampled when the rolls were still warm and when I asked for marks out of ten, the youngest said '100 out of infinity' I think that means he liked it.

I won't be solving any mysteries but I do like Cinnamon Rolls, coffee and 'Yarn Stores'.


  1. I havcn't heard of those books, I'll be looking out for them now.
    This is a nice little book I found
    Those buns look scrumptious, love the "100 out of infinity".
    Carol xx

  2. I love those books, and I LOVE reading knitting novels... I wish there were crochet novels too!
    Look out for "The Friday Knight Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs... I Loved that one... and it a serie of 3. I think they'll make a movie and all!
    Happy Easter weekend!

  3. Dear Lucy, ohhhhh... I went to Amazon and bought the Kindle version of "Skein of the Crime" and it instantly was on my iPad! How cool is that!! I will read it while on vacation in our trailer right on the beach next week, we head there on Sunday, my birthday is Monday! :-)

    Now I want hubby to make cinnamon rolls.. lol.. hugs, Teresa

  4. Carol - Thank you for leaving your comments, I popped to Amazon and like the look of the book you recommended so I am now waiting for it to arrive :) I hope you do try a 'Knitting Mystery'.

    Shanti - We have a fair bit in common :) I have read The Friday Night Knitting Club and I have the second one waiting to be read. Have you tried 'The Knitting Circle' by Ann Hood. That is a great read too, very similar to 'The Friday Night Knitting Club'

    Teresa - I am so glad you have got this on your ipad, I havn't read that one yet! Have a lovely holiday by the beach and Many Happy Returns for Monday x Get Hubby to make you some Cinnamon Buns, put your feet up and have a good read...Heavenly...


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