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Friday, 1 April 2011

Ten Day Old Chicks - Photographs

The Girls are settling in nicely, I slept on the sofa until the crick in my neck got too bad at 1.30am, just to make sure the Brooder box did not go up in smoke!  I also dreamt about chicks...escaping!  I am not sure what a psychologist would make of me but I do not intend on going to see one.  Today I upgraded their Brooder to a larger box and my Dad transferred the bulb which is their heat source.  I also got a smaller 'Drinker' as it is too cold for a paddling pool.  Bob the old Budgie had a perch he did not like and never used so he kindly donated it to the chooks and we attached that to the box aswell.  The chicks grow a lot each day and change very quickly, they are leaping, flapping, scratching and running about, then they will crash out and sleep.

At first only one managed the perch, the others ran into it, hopped over it or wobbled on it.  Now two of the three have mastered the art of perching but they still sleep huddled on the floor.
My 14yr old son, a typical teenager, has amazed me, he really tried to talk me out of these chickens.  This morning I found him cradling Daisy chick to sleep, telling her how lovely she was!  He is insisting her name is not Daisy but Dotty as she is dotty and she has a green felt tip dot on her head as a remnant of her 'School experience'.
You can see Dot's dot!
It is a good job my youngest son has generously agreed to the name change Dotty-Daisy. 
I may get a break from chick duty and actually get some knitting done this evening!


  1. aw they look so adorable and cute like this :)

  2. soooooooo sweet! Loving the names :o)
    Love Tickety-boo

  3. awwwwwwwwwww... they are soooo cute...

  4. I was going to ask why she had a green dot lol!

    You'll have to keep us updated with pictures of them growing because, like you said, I bet they will change really quickly.


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