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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Crochet Hook Case - Quick and Easy but very Pretty

I found this pretty patten on Ravelry and it is available as a free download.  It looks like just the job for keeping all your crochet bits and bobs neat and tidy and ready to had.  I think it is also nice a portable for 'Crochet on the go'.  I always have too many craft projects on the go but this was  a 'quick  make' in between making 'Granny Squares.
I used some more of my 'Lucy Pack' of Stylecraft.  I have really enjoyed the colours in this pack and it has been worth every penny.  Beautiful colours that work well together all chosen and coordinated for you.  I have never made crochet flowers before and I found these quick and cute. 
I knew I would have to block this;
 I was very worried as I have 'killed' acrylic more than one in the past.  I searched Ravelry for 'How to Block Acrylic' and this website was very useful.
I followed the advice carefully and managed not to commit acrylic murder.
The fun part was filling the case.

A Place For Hooks

 A place for Scissors and a Tape measure

A place for Needles, Stitch Markers and Pins
When it is all folded the additional flaps prevent the hooks from falling out.  Attaching Velcro keep it all together.  Every girl should have one!


  1. The more I read your posts Luce the more I realise what a talented sister I have. This crochet case is brill :-)

  2. Thanks Bro, flattery will get you everywhere! :)

  3. Flattery enough to get you to help me use a knitting loom to make some hats.....? :-)xxx

  4. Weird the word verification for the above comment was 'capitsul' thats what I want to do make and sul mean sell some caps lol.....could be a sign hmmmm just a coincidence lol again :-)

  5. I love word verifications, I think someone should make a dictionary or write poetry, Twas Brillig and all that jabberwocky. I have never used a knitting loom but am willing to learn via Youtube tutorials. Also this website looks a cool place to start ''.

  6. Lucy this is simply amazing! I already have a hook thing like this but I'm so going to make a travel jewellery case or similar like this :-) Thanks for the inspiration! x

  7. It certainly looks handy.

    Btw, those crochet flowers. If you make them out of cotton then you can use them in place of cotton wool if you do a cleanse/tone/moisturise for face care. (I don't, I wash with a facewash, but it always seemed like a really fab idea and pretty too)


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