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Monday, 18 April 2011

Granny Square Crochet Blanket - May contain pictures that can cause distress!

I do not usually like hanging my 'Dirty Laundry' out in public.  I am treating this like some sort of Confessional Therapy.  I have avoided looking at the damage to this poor old Granny square that I told you about here and here.  I have been completely in denial, burying my head in the sand!  I have washed and disinfected this poor old girl and she has beed residing in the Deep Freeze.  Some of you made some useful suggestions as to what should be her fate.  I have decided to salvage the squares that are worth saving, purely for sentimental reasons, (i am attached to this old blankie) and then  - 'I shall rebuild her!'  Like the 'Bionic Woman',  'Bionic Blanket'  will be better and more beautiful than ever before  It is going to be quite some task.  I will of course keep you posted...


  1. Ooooh you've inspired me! My very first crochet blanket is looking very sorry for itself too, and I very much like the idea of a bionic blanket!

    Just one question though, why was/is your blnket in the 'deep freeze'? As in the actual freezer, or am I completely missing something here?!

    I look forward to seeing how your 'new' blanket turns out :)

    Much love,

  2. Kim as it had been well chewed by mice it freaked me out, but not enough to chuck it out! I washed it X3, I also disinfected it then to be on the safe side, froze it for a couple of months!

  3. Good luck with the project... I hope it'll have a happy ending and will be here along the road to see your progress and support your cause!!!! :o)


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