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Monday, 4 April 2011

Crochet chickens and more...

I have two things to share with you today.  I saw a gorgeous Birdie decoration pattern  on Attic 24 blog  and have been meaning to make one for ages.  Then I found Modena's Ravelry project pages and saw these beauties adapted from Attic 24.
Modena's beautiful crocheted Chickens
I got busy straight away and made this...
I am very proud of her.  Although I think she needs a fluffy tail.  She has little bells on her feet so she can chirp!  My son said she looks like a Crispy Pancake!  Kids!  Who'd have em.  I now intend to crochet myself a small flock!  Very cute for Easter and Spring. 
We also collect Playmobil.  (Ahem, well my youngest son does!)  He has had four operations on his foot, as he was born with Talipes (a Clubfoot) and has had numerous plaster casts since he was six days old.  (He is all good for now and very mobile).   To help prepare him for his hospital visits I bought playmobil nurses, surgeons, hospital bed, playmobil people with plaster casts, crutches and a wheelchair.  It was all very normal to him to play hospitals, wheelchairs and plaster casts.  He also has lots of Playmobil animals, children, cars and bikes.  Today this arrived...
He has a Playmobil fox and is having great fun as I type.  I think there may be a Policeman involved too. When he goes to bed I may have a little play myself!


  1. Very cute chicken, a nice yellow feather would make a good "tail". I've made some using Lucy's pattern, might have to do some yellow ones now.
    Thanks you for the information on the Oxo tin. I remember my Nan liked hot Bovril drinks.
    Carol xx

  2. nice chicken! the "girls" are super cute too :)

  3. Dear Lucy, that is such a hoot that you and I got chicken houses just a day apart... I've been playing with mine too. :-)

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  4. I'm now no longer ashamed. I have coveted this little playmobile set for years. Haven't brought myself to buy it, because now my daughter is 14, and everyone would know I'm buying it for myself. But I'm happy to know that once your little one is tucked in, it's all yours to play with!!
    I won't tell...

  5. I love your playmobile!!!
    I haven't told you but my Mum asked me to specially thank you for your thoughts for her and say back to you!
    I'm back at home and I'll miss her but it was great to be with her this time!


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