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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spinach - Garden Harvest

Here is some Homegrown Spinach.  This spinach was actually planted last year and it survived the harsh winter!  This Spinach is very Hardy.  I think it is 'Matador' variety.  I try to use what I grow rather than waste it.  Popeye would be proud of me.

I put some in this Chicken and Chick Pea Curry.

I also made a Spinach and Feta Quiche.  I just made a shortcrust pastry case, blind baked it for about ten minutes then crumbled about 300g of Feta into the base, with all of the wilted chopped spinach I could gather.  I beat three eggs with 150ml of milk, poured it over the Feta and Spinach and baked it until golden and set.
I have lots of vegetables threatening to put in an appearance this year so I am looking forward to more concoctions.  Last year I had a large glut of Turnips...I was going to write a book '101 ways with the Humble Turnip!'  I wonder what this year will bring...


  1. I'm not a fan of spinach as "just a vegetable" but quite happy to have it in something such as your scrumptious looking quiche.
    So far I have broccoli, french beans and tomatoes in the greenhouse.
    I do/will have problems with rabbits, despite putting some netting around the beds. I could swear they have wire cutters!
    Perhaps it isn't helped by me feeling sorry for the "poor little bunny rabbits in all that snow" and putting out bits of veg and peelings for them!
    Carol xx

  2. i'm glad i'm not the only spinach lover (my kids think i'm mad to like it so much).
    your baking always looks so scrumtious. i must though remember not to visit your blog when i am feeling hungry.
    Carol's post above made me smile,with the bunnies..awww

    many thanks for your visit today :o) i'll be thinking of you having your posh tea on friday as we are tucking into our Victoria sponge over here too.
    my back is feeling loads better, which is great but also means i now have a lot of catching up to do. which means i should be in bed - actually i am but just not nearly asleep yet.

    wishing you a lovely week xxx


  3. mouth watering again :) dont forget that spinach stalks and leaves make the most beautiful natural dye as well

  4. That's great that you have veggies already! I told hubby.. I want to grow spinach like Lucy. :-) Had another fun day at the beach.. home tomorrow.

    Hugs, Teresa

  5. My spinach is growing too. I'm picking it when small and using as a salad leaf :)


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