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Monday, 25 April 2011

'Poppy Day' - Giant Poppies

For a couple of weeks these will be the Stars of the garden. 

I am rather fond of the buds, I think they look funny.  I love the fuzzy texture.

Then from the Fuzzy Buds burst enormous, 'In Your Face' Poppies.

This is the first and the only one in full bloom so far.  Isn't it gorgeous.  I took this photograph in fairly overcast light and I have not altered it in any way.  These Poppies brighten up the Garden regardless of what the weather is doing.
These Yellow Poppies bloomed today for the first time too, they are wild and have just decided they like it here.


  1. Love your blog!! Ive added you to my blog roll :) Found you on ravelry (I am Melanie who started the Thriftiness group ) :) xxx

  2. I've got one yellow poppy out but my other larger ones like yours haven't got their buds yet. I have one called Patty's Plum which everyone was raving about a few years back but I find it a wee bit boring! My favourites are apricot coloured, I grew those from seed.
    Carol xx

  3. We have poppies too. They're all at the bud stage atm and they FREAK ME OUT! They're all alien or scary plant-coming-alive a la Little Shop of Horrors or something *shudders*

  4. Hannonle, I agree they look like some sort of Triffid from a strange planet on Star Trek. lol

  5. Gorgeous poppies and thanks so much for the poppy photo and birthday wishes! Hugs, Teresa


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