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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Crochet Granny Squares

Here are some of my new Granny Squares.  This repair job is going to take a while especially as I am so divergent.  I have also been attempting to crochet my first pair of 'crochet' socks.  They do not look very impressive to show you yet though and I have been spinning like crazy over the Easter weekend.  I will photograph that when I have used my niddy noddy and wound the yarn into a skein.  I have had to give up on the Crochet Bunting idea I had for 'The Royal Wedding', maybe I will plan better for the next 'Coronation'!   
I really like the Stylecraft 'Meadow' with the pink.
and more pink...

and the pink with the pink. 
The ends are tucked under for the purpose of the photograph.  I must be disciplined and not leave them, to avoid a marathon end sewing in session.  By the time I am fifty this blanket should be near completion!


  1. You've been doing some work on how your blog looks, very nice! I love your grannies, but I'm a sucker for pink and green together. Like a spring blossom. Hugs, Teresa

  2. Love the colours!

  3. Love your colour choices, I bet your "poor" granny blanket is getting excited!
    Carol xx

  4. These granny squares are lovely -- thanks for sharing. I'm new to crochet (have been knitting for years) and am loving it. I just finished a granny square baby blanket in multiple colors and love how it will brighten up a baby's room... now if I can just find someone to give it to!


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