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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Birmingham and District Guild Weavers Spinners and Dyers - Colour Play Workshop

Today the Guild meeting was exactly what it said...Colour Play with Gillian Shepherd.  I got the chance to play with the biggest stash of yarn and fibre I have ever seen.  I am sure Gill should be in the Guinness Book of Records for the most stash squished into a car!  The morning began with a Powerpoint about colour theory.  The Colour Wheel, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours.  We also looked at tints and shades.  We explored analogous colours (those that are adjacent to each other on the colour wheel) and complimentary colours (those which are opposite each other on the colour wheel).  I can't even say analogous.  I am sure I will play with colour mixing and my little tin of water colours. 
     We were given 'words' or 'phrases' to explore such as 'An Evening by the fire', 'The Beach', 'The rainy Canal', 'A moment of Anger', 'The Misty Morning',  'A Babies Bottom', 'The Naughty Dog', 'Victory' and 'The Lovely Duck'.  We each had one of these titles for the morning.  There were four 'Play Stations'  Knitting, Weaving, Spinning and carding and dying.  I played with hand carders and briefly with a spindle.  I hope the photograph of my fibre is screaming...The Lovely Duck at you!  My Mom had 'Victory'  I will see if she will let me photograph it tomorrow so I can show you.  We only had the pictures in our head to use and we were asked to pick three analogous colours and one complimentary to explore.  I really think I have inheritted my Dad's colour blindness! 
     I was thinking Mallard and tried to do my best to card 'The Lovely Duck'.  I used Green/blues or blue/greens with a bit of purple for the complimentary I used a bit of orangey brown.   See...
After the morning session we had lunch and then returned for a show and tell.  I didn't take photographs of other peoples work so it is a bit hard to tell without the show.  'The Naughty Dog' was interpretted in weaving, there were some Jack Russell colours, green grass and blood, as one of the member's dog had bitten her husband this week!  It was a dramatic textile.  'The Evening by the Fire' was interpreted on cotton using Dye crayons and Dye paint for a more vivid colour and some hand painted yarn was also made using 'An Evening by the Fire' colours.  I tried again to conquer my struggle with the spindle, but I was not Victorious.  My Mom's 'Victory' was a rather funky yarn with Reds,purply pinks, green and green Angelina sparkle.  Mom and I seemed to burn ourselves out with creativity and felt a bit peaky so we left early today.  Us creative/Arty types put our heart and soul into it!  I had to have a nap this afternoon and I bet my Mom did too!  Tomorrow I may spin my Lucky Ducky fibre and I also hope to capture 'Victory' to show you.


  1. sounds like a fabulous and well worthwhile day, loving the colour play in your fibres :)

  2. That pretty colored wool makes me want to get my spinning wheel going. The grandkids have gotten the string that runs the wheel all snarled up and it's going to take some sorting out to get it going again. I have a beautiful Kromski "Symphony" spinning wheel in the walnut color.

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)


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