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Friday, 8 April 2011

Apple Blossom and Chicken Coop

The warm sunshine has brought out the Apple Blossom, it will look beautiful for a few days until it falls like confetti.  This little tree is in it's third year the Garden.  My Mom and Dad got it for me for a Birthday present.  The variety is 'Greensleeves', my Mom used to sing that to me and my children as a lullaby, it is one of my favourite tunes.  The apples are green, crisp, very fresh and juicy.  I will have to be patient.
I have been doing some dirty jobs in the garden, I have planted lots of vegetable seeds over the past couple of weeks but today was the 'turn' of the compost bins.  Not the most pleasant of tasks.  Good job my Dad came to help empty and turn them.  My Raspberry, blackcurrant and blackberry have all had a nice top dressing of 'Black Gold', rich black compost.  My garden is always very haphazard but it has its little gems.  These Spring Tulips are really cheery;
 The flowers are not the only thing enjoying the sunshine in the garden.  I have popped the Chickens outside in their Brooder with the heat lamp off.  It has been so warm.  They are growing fast and are looking quite scruffy and gawky, in between soft yellow downy feathers and stubby little ginger ones coming through.  They seemed mesmerised to be outside listening to all the sounds, the blackbirds and the pigeons.  Chickens are supposed to have fantastic full colour vision and one of the babies looked in awe as a pigeon flew over.  The first time they saw the concept of birds flying.  I chicken looks in awe when it stretches it's neck to five time its normal size, stands stock still and stares!  lol.
Scruffy Babies, very very cute tail feathers!
The chicken coop arrived today, I have been excited waiting for it to arrive.  It arrived in 'Flat pack' form.  I bought it for a good price from good old e-bay.  It also has a set of waterproof covers that I thought may come in handy if we have another really cold winter like the last.  I pride myself  on my flatpack expertese and have many a cupboard and wardrobe door on the wonk to prove it!  I built this by myself with my six year old supervising.  The hardest part was when I lost a tiny nut and bolt in the grass but after sitting and searching I did eventually find it.

My six year old son said he wishes he was a chicken, he wants to live in there!  It could be arranged.


  1. Lucy!! I love your Apple Blossom photos, and ohmygosh.. your chicken house is fabuloso!! Now I want one like yours. :-)

    So much fun with the chickies.. you will enjoy them so much and your house looks very safe with lots of running room. Good job putting it together!!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  2. When you mentioned your Flatpack coop on my Scratch and Peck blog, I came right over to see what you were talking about. It's lovely! Good work!
    Are your chicks Buff Orpingtons? So glad you're having fun with them.

  3. I've been away from blogland some days... I just catched up here... I like the recipe for the bread puddin, maybe I'll try it... your flowers are beautiful!!! I wish I had a garden, though I've never gardened so I would have to learn. Your chicks are growing so fast!!! and the chicken coop is fantastic!

    Congrats on the 4000 views!!!
    xxx Shanti

  4. Teresa, that's funny I want your chicken house!

    Lauren I wish they were Buff Orpingtons, they sound posh. My Grandmother told me she saw an interview with The Queen Mother years ago and her egg of choice was a Buff Orpington. Mine are scrawny Hybrids. Bless em!

    Shanti good to see you :) My Garden almost takes care of itself, Mother Nature does all of the hard work.

  5. A veritable coop de grace!!!!!!

  6. Haha I knew you'd end up with chickens ;o)
    There was no real doubt was there?! Watch those beautiful flowers, the chooks will love them.

  7. Well done Luce on the flatpack....well impressed. You might like to check out the bottom of my blog where it says Terms and Conditions,and maybe copy and paste it I got the quote from E.How a website that gives free advice. The terms sound a bit OTT but...... Anyway love your blog and the apple blossom pics. :-) X

  8. The link for the blog disclaimer is:-

  9. I thought your post was called 'apple blossom and chicken soup' and I thought, 'well that's a weird flavour combination' lol!!!

    I really miss our apple trees so I'm really jealous. We bought a russet tree for this house but it will be a few years until it's producing apples!

    The coop looks really cute ♥


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