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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Meet my Grannies...and Snails!

One of my Grannies is pretty old and could be a contender for ugliest Granny of the year,  another of mine had a nasty accident in the shed and got chewed by mice, so she is on week two of three weeks in the freezer before I commence major surgery in an attempt to rebuild her.  The little Granny is my son's and she accompanied him throughout his temporary stints in a wheelchair.  The Sunny Granny isn't really my Granny I just adopted her.  Would you like to meet them?

Let me introduce you to the contender for Ugliest Granny of the Year...
She was made over twenty years ago when I was a student, she is made mostly out of second hand, or reclaimed acrylic and there was no colour co-ordination at all, whatever we had got used.  My Grandmother and I worked on it.  She is a very warm, much loved but very ugly granny.  The picture does not do justice to her thick, black 'frilly' edge.  If you have an uglier Granny I would like to see her!

Next I would like you to meet little Granny.

This little Granny is very bright and cheerful.  My youngest son was born with a clubfoot, which was diagnosed during his 20wk scan.  It has proved problematic in that the current treatment does not work for about 4% of children with the condition, we were unlucky in this sense.  So my son has had four lots of surgery and has needed to spend up to two months using a wheelchair.  He got very cold going out and about so I made him this Jazzy blanket.  He loves it.  He is now perfectly mobile and will probably need further surgery when he is a teenager, he is currently six.  The first day I gave him the blanket he was in his wheelchair at the kitchen table doing some craft, cutting and sticking paper shapes with very sharp scissors, he had the blanket for only about 30 minutes when he accidently gave her a three inch snip with the scissors, so she is a little scarred by my repair job.
Adopted Granny was made by my partners Grandmother over twenty years ago.  This blanket is in daily use and is also an aquired taste...

I have not embarked on a Granny Stripe crochet blanket for a couple of years but when I saw how beautiful they can be when I found Attic 24, a fantastic blog by another Crochet Crazed Lucy I had to get my hooks out again!  The other Lucy has a design talent for colour that I could never imagine.  It has renewed my enthusiasm for crochet and I enjoy using the beautiful colour 'Lucy Packs' that some online stores sell. I will write separate posts for my Lucy stripe blanket and will also record the trauma of the Granny that is currently in the deep freeze!

From Grannies to snails...

Last night I attempted my first Amigurumi, I found it very tricky.  I thought this snail was destined to remain a slug!  (But a happy one!) 
But I finally managed to persaude him to wear his shell and here he is, looking quite at home in the plant pot!
I think I will call him Brian!  In memory of my first pet snail, that I had in a Goldfish bowl for a few days, with nylon tights stretched over the top to prevent his escape.  I was about four and named him Brian after the snail on the Magic Round-A-bout.  Times were hard in the seventies no 24 hour T.V or computers we had to make our own entertainment!

I am sure this is one of my original Brian's descendants.

He has the look of an escapologist!


  1. my mum once had a sweet natured but odd looking cat she described as lovely-ugly, i think that description would suit the blankie at the top.
    i love the one you made your son and also the beautiful marmalade blankie..just my taste :o)

    Brian is just wonderful!! :o)

  2. Your grannies look so cozy, I think I never had one... I started one with leftovers from my grandma when I was like 6 but never got myself to finish it, it still comes out from time to time when I'm cleaning my old bedroom at my parents... I think it was an ugly granny too!
    I love your snails!
    Thank you for your comment about my mom, I talk to her and I know that she's better than it appeared... I hope your son is better and better each day too!

  3. Not sure if anyone is still reading this - but I actually like the ugly granny!

  4. Your comment really cheered me up Honor I am glad you like her :) It is the personality that counts anyway!


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