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Friday, 15 June 2012

Newsy Post!

Helllooooo!  Are you all sitting comfortably?  Then I'll begin.  Look at they new trainers!  This morning I caught the train into 'The Big City' to go to a Running Shop.  They have experts (allegedly) that can advise you on the best damage limitation trainers!  Lord how I need them.  So I have posh new trainers.  The Lady in the shop also gave me a pair of running socks!  Fancy that!  Go faster socks too.   I also have a new boulder holder!  It is rather a snug fit and feels like it is about to 'blow' at any minute.  I went to Starbucks for the first time and took on enough caffeine in a medium Coffee to jog the 16 miles back home.  I didn't say I did jog home. I could have had unlimited refills and not slept for a week!  On my way to the train station this morning my work mate called to say we have had the 'notice' phone call for the 'big' Ofsted inspection.  OFSTED is the Office for Standards in Education and they instill fear into the large majority of teachers in the land!  Even worse HMI are coming too, to inspect the inspectors inspecting us!  So I am flapping, officially flapping until the inspection is over on Wednesday.
I met the Mom of an ex pupil on the train on the way back and we sat together for the whole journey, yapping all the way back to town.  I am good with the kids and their families but not so good at dealing with authority and never have been!  I will survive the inspection somehow but my first and over riding reaction is to eat copious amounts of chocolate to dull down the panic!  I have not touched a morsel yet though.
         I came home and went for a 'Run' stagger, wobble, waddle....and I am not sure if it is my new shoes but I had a totally dead right leg!  I had flash new socks and trainers and pins and needles from my hip to my toes!  I have an MP3 that plays a podcast while you run of hideous music and a patronising lady giving you encouragement,  I suppose she is only being helpful but phew when she tells you that you are doing a great job as you are beet red, huffing and hobbling round the park it is a good job she is virtual and not in person else I would biff her one!  I had to do my warm down 5 minute brisk walk bare foot around the park as the pretty, new, flash, fancy running shoes were crippling me!
        I don't work on Thursdays or Fridays but I went to work today to share in the collective panic.  Then when I came home both boys wanted to go swimming!  Wave machines and water slides later...I am afraid I had to indulge in 'Take Away Chips'.  Henry takes the opportunity to rough house me at swimming, I don't know who he thinks I am!  last week he Rugby tackled me in the water, causing me to snort about a litre, painfully up my nose, this week he chose to carry me across the length of the pool, inspite of my loud protests and cackling laughter, I would not mind but for the last half of the way he had me awkwardly by one leg!  Twas not very dignified for a woman of my age!  This weeks upcoming events at work are going to seriously challenge my diet resolve.  Weight loss so far 18.5lbs and counting!
         Yesterday Euan had a hospital check up for his foot so he was off school.  His foot is looking great a the moment.  I have mentioned before he was born with a 'club foot' and he was in the 4% of children casting and boots and bars don't work for.  He has had several operations on his bones, tendons and muscles and he is likely to need further surgery in the future.  For now though his foot looks fantastic and his mobility is brilliant, there is nothing he can't do.  It is amazing really.  I took some crochet for the waiting room and a lady came and sat by me to chat about crochet.  She has just had two crochet lessons and she was asking me about treble stitch and Granny Squares.  I gave her a little demo.  Shame we didn't have longer.  I really hope to get these silly stressful times behind me and be left in peace to crochet my little heart out again and have some quality time with my spinning wheel.  Five more weeks and then I am on holiday for six whole blissful weeks.  I can't wait!
Hope you are set for a lovely weekend filled with whatever it is that makes you happy :)  


  1. Fingers crossed the inspection goes well, I hadn't realised you were a teacher! It is so impressive the way you have tackled your diet and exercise plan, you are doing so well and I have found your posts really inspiring, thank you!

  2. I was wondering how things were, as you had been quiet this week! Fantastic news on the weight loss, you should be so proud of yourself. Good luck for the Ofsted inspection, hope it goes smoothly, and not too much chocolate is consumed in panic!

  3. Well done on your diet but especially on the exercise, I'm afraid that is not something I do now. Never been into running but used to go to the gym then T'ai Chi for a few years but now just the gardening. Hope the inspections go well.
    Have a lovely relaxing weekend. Carol xx

  4. Great job sticking to the exercise plan. Isn't Starbucks wonderful? Too expensive for daily consumption, but when I am in the city I stop and have my favorite Mocha. I make them at home everyday, but my low-cal version isn't quite as good as the real thing. You will pass your inspection with flying colors. I know you will.

  5. You are such a good girl to start running! I do good at a semi-sorta fast toddle. Gosh, we had to keep up for 9 days with my very fast brother-in-law.. from 7 am to 7 pm - and didn't lose a single pound. Gah! I give up. But I'm proud to watch you keep going. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Bravo on all your good reports, Lucy! Happy weekend. I hope your school *exams* go well this week...summer fun is in sight! :)
    Gracie <3

  7. So many schools seem to be having inspections at the moment.

    What an incredible weight lose already very impressive.

    I love your description of the running cd, I was telling my son what a lovely read your blog is.

  8. Good luck with OFSTED - as a fellow sufferer, I mean teacher, I fully understand!!!!!!!!!

    We have External Verifier visits x 3 soon and that is bad enough - is taking far too much time away from the people and things I love.


  9. Good luck with Ofsted - we survived one last November - under the old framework! They were a nice team - no honestly they were - quite reasonable - really! At least it will soon be over.

  10. may ofsted pass you sweetly, i used to teach and remember the panics!
    and good luck with your running, not something i do outside of a gym, and there not as often as i probably should, aww well
    have a great weekend,
    spinning is something i have often been tempted to look into but not got there yet, something for the future, the present being filled with allotment and gardening [for gardening read weeding]

    I am hoping to dig new potatoes this weekend :-)

  11. Well done on the shoes and boob restrainer, you wont regret it. You must now justify the expense so no goofing off!!I have graduated to my own music now as I can after 18 months run for 15 mins without stopping. It turned out to be more of a mental ability than a physical one. You have my complete sympathy viz the inspection but what poetic justice that they will be getting a taste of their own medicine. I love it.

  12. Fingers crossed for your inspection. There is a good old irish saying for times like this " Don't let the b......'s get you down".

  13. What a time you've had! New shoes can be like that sometimes, but I'm curious about the "running socks." I had a good laugh envisioning Henry dragging you around the pool. My brother has done that to me before! Also glad to hear that the hospital appointment went well :)

  14. Lucy I have some running socks too, d'you know what they work in yer slippers too! As for those Ofsted folk don't you worry they just tick boxes as far as I'm concerned and cause a lot of stress to perfectly great teachers who maybe do things not in the conformist way, if you get my drift! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has boys who treat you like well........boys!


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