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Thursday, 28 June 2012

I Must Be Getting Old...

Where has my little boy gone?  It only seems like yesterday when I held my first Baby Boy!  Now just look at him!  Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana!  Henry is right now at his 'School leaving Prom'  I am home waiting rather anxiously for his return!  He chose his own costume clothes!
I would have liked to have found a white suit like 'John Lennon's.  I love Henry's long hair, he is planning on shaving it all off in the Autumn.  He wants to do it for charity and school have said they would like to get the local press in.  We are hoping he will raise some cash for Birmingham Children's hospital.  When Euan had his 'foot' operations there was a shortage of wheel chairs.  We were not guaranteed one, which stressed me out a great deal.  As Euan could not walk for six weeks plus.   We did get one in the end on loan, but it was too large for Euan, but better than no chair.  We are hoping Henry will raise enough for a wheelchair to donate.  Maybe Mom will get to keep the ponytail.

In his own words he thought he looked 'Well Dapper!'.   Hmmm ok.
He had a good pose in the back garden for the camera!
His 'Prom date' bought his flower and I he bought her flowers for her wrist.  I don't have a photo of his prom date which is a shame...the last I heard late this afternoon she had a 'Fake Tan Disaster'!  I hope the lights were dim!
I did get a photograph of him with his buddy Max.
They look a pair of Cheeky Chappies!  They were being rude about my clothes as I took this photograph!  I have only just noticed Euan getting in shot hanging out of the car window!  He looks like one of those Muppets on the balcony!
Statler and Waldorf

   I can't believe Henry has left school.  He is 16 in three weeks.  He is hoping to go back to school in September to take 'A' levels.  Fingers crossed.  Its tough out there kid!  


  1. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* to Henry! He's a handsome lad, he is! That is so nice of you both to want to get a chair donated for children to use, a great "pay it forward" project. We went on a train trip today.. I'm sooo tired. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Another milestone to celebrate, Lucy! Continued joy to Henry and your family! His hair is beautiful and I am sure will be an appreciated gift. [I loved seeing Evan hanging out the car window :)] My oldest son's prom date got a black eye while playing softball just before the prom :( Make-up least a little bit :)
    Gracie <3

  3. Hope he had a fantastic time! And what a great idea for his hair. If you are going to keep it, you could try spinning it!! But alternatively you can sell the hair to wig makers, they pay a tidy sum for hair to make wigs for cancer patients, might raise a few extra funds for that wheelchair.

  4. What a handsome pair of lads! My neighbours opposite took their boy and his mob of cronies to their prom last night on the back of a flatbed truck, standing up, cheering all the way down the road!

    When Henry does decide to chop his hair off, you might consider setting up a JustGiving page and advertising it here on your blog (and on your Facebook page if you have one) - I'm sure there are many of us readers who would be more than happy to bung a quid or two your way to help buy some wheelchairs. Tell him the internet thinks he's a good kid for doing this.

  5. They looked fabulous, hope they had a great time.

  6. I have loved this post Lucy-- I remember those days so well such exciting ones for the youngsters! Nerve wracking for the parents.
    I agree with Mrs Jones and I would love to be involved-- Could you start a Facebook page called something like " Just Giving Wheelies!" I would happily send you a few hooky creations to sell on there or have things on Ebay linked to that. I am sure other followers would join in the fun for such a good cause!
    Hope the boys had a great time
    Kindest Regards Linda

  7. Wow what an awesomly smart young man. Is such a shock that our kids grow up soooooo quick!!

  8. Well...I think both Henry and his friend look very smart! I also love the fact that Euan was trying to get in on the action too :)
    I hope they had a great time and that the fake tan disaster wasn't too damaging!

  9. What great memories and I love his hat! You'll have to let us know if he does end up shaving it. That's a lot of hair to cut! It would be very nice if it could raise a fair bit of money. I must also note that it made me smile when you pointed out Euan in the background hanging out of the car like a muppet. Too fun :)

  10. I adore Henry's hair, I've always loved long hair on men! My bloke had really long hair and I was miffed when he got it cut off but i guess it was his to cut (well maybe!) It's a good way for Henry to raise some money for a good cause though and he can always grow it back if he wants to :-)

    They both look fabulous all dressed up and I love the hats :-)

    Lori xxx

  11. Handsome chap. Dont get me started, there'll be tears again. Hows the running going? Its not nice when its humid.

  12. Your humor is wonderful - the fake tan disaster, the muppets . . . I love the name Henry by the way. If I'd had boys Henry would've been a name on the list of possibilities. But alas, I had two girls.

  13. Oh Lucy the PROM when you realise your children are growing up! I remember always being so proud (been there four times) at how lovely they all looked and excited for the next stage of their life journeys. And on a side note it's always great to see that your boys look so great scrubbed up smart, such an unusual event LOL!

  14. must be so proud! and he does look very dapper indeed. all the very best for henry's future dreams and plans.


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