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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Blogtag - You're 'IT' !

I read about 'Blogtag' first Here at The Quince Tree.  It seemed like an interesting idea I would love to read other  'Blogtag' posts too.  I tend to dump a post and run....  I have been meaning to welcome new followers and thank you lovely folks for all your comments for ages.  I still get a buzz out of all your comments, I really enjoy reading them and many give me a chuckle.  I also learn a lot from networking on blogs :)  Blog Buddies are the best, they take up no room on the sofa, don't mind if my house is a tip and never use up any teabags :)  I am slowly watching my 'counter' work its way up to 50 000 hits, which is amazing.  I am fascinated by my flag counter and looking at the countries blog visitors come from.  At the last peep it was 97 different countries.  My very bestest favourite is 'new followers' ( It makes me feel very flattered :) and big headed! )  It also motivates me to post more of my random musings.  Every time I get a 'new follower' I am very self congratulatory and do a little happy dance.  Modest?  Moi?

To play Blogtag you answer the following questions:

What is your most Beautiful post?
I think these photos are pretty  
What is your most popular post?
The above post is also the most popular it has had 1645 hits!  Wowzers!!!
What is your most controversial post?
I try to avoid controversy.  Is Poo Free controversial?  It has had 1057 hits!
What is your most helpful post?
Who doesn't want to know 'How to make delicious Lemonade Scones' ?  Everyone should try these they are so easy and quick to make and really are delicious scones.
Which post's success surprised you most?
Poo Free!!!  1057 hits, it is the only post with an image of 'me' in far, maybe that is why it is so popular...or do you think it could be the play on words?  People read 'Poo Free' and are expecting to read about something entirely different.
Which of your post's do you feel didn't get the attention it deserved?
Gandhi-India's Spinning Wheel Revolution  It has had 871 hits and only four comments.....It does still get a steady flow of readers though and most of the traffic comes from a 'Google search'.  
Which post are you proudest of?
I am proud of all of them really.  I love my blog.  I was very proud when I posted this Eggsiting News Alert.


  1. Yet another interesting post!! I loved that none of your readers use up your teabags :) I checked my blog.....apparently I am popular in Latvia - crikey!

  2. I am interested in playing Blog Tag, will there be a button? How do we generate a lot more players? I will put a post up as soon as I hear more. Going to Quince Tree blog to read more now.


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