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Friday, 28 October 2011

Chickens in The Mist

Today was a very misty morning, Euan was fascinated when he opened his curtains.  I am feeling a bit sorry for the chickens as the days are getting shorter and the weather is colder.  They were so happy in the Summer basking in the warm sunshine and gorging on summer fruits.  The above photo is Poppy, leaping for the last remaining Raspberries.  They can do quite high standing jumps.
This morning my shoes were a great source of fascination and all three were giving me a severe pecking, they also pecked my trousers and when I crouched down to take a photograph someone pecked my on the bottom!
I keep trying with my 'Chicken Photography' but trust me, it aint easy!  I think the chicken colours look gorgeous in the Autumn Garden.  It is giving me colour design ideas, I would definitely like to weave something in red and 'ginger'.  I couldn't really capture them in the morning sunshine but they did look lovely.
The North Wind shall blow and We Will have snow, what will poor Chicken do then?  Poor thing!  She'll Go in the 'barn' and keep herself warm and tuck her head under her wing!

Yesterday they all stayed out in the rain and looked like drowned rats.  Chickens are not really supposed to get wet, but I think they can look after themselves and run for cover if they need it.  Maybe as these are not a year old they are like children and cannot think sensibly for themselves.  Freedom is their main objective, they love to run around, rain or no rain.  They are spending lots of time puffing up in the colder weather and preening to maintain their feathers.  They have been looking like 'Fat Little Hens'.
I was in the kitchen and I heard a bit of a commotion, all three chickens were furiously pecking the door, which I thought was strange.  They each come and peck the door in turn but not all three at the same time.  When I went to investigate I noticed a 'Daddy Long Legs' on the inside fluttering at the window.  The chickens were trying to make a tasty snack of him!
Doh!  This is Daisy with a bit of mashed potato on her face, they love to eat kitchen scraps, vegetables, bread, cake, oats, cheese, yogurt and their favourite is cooked spaghetti.  I think they think it is worms!


  1. My mom in law feeds the doves outside her house every day (much to my father in laws disgust!) and the day she fed them cooked spaghetti I nearly wet myself laughing. It is so funny the way they think it is worms :) Love your wee chickens, very cute.

  2. The girls don't look any the worse for there shower :)
    I heard the spaghetti thing before, it always makes me think they could eat it like the dogs in Lady and the Tramp!

  3. Hens are so entertaining! Mine love oatmeal on a cold morning. Yesterday I chopped up an apple into it so they were very happy.

  4. Such pretty chickens :) It always makes me smile when you put them in the spotlight. They sound quite entertaining! Who needs television when you have hens?

  5. You win for best post title. Just sayin'! ;)

  6. they are so funny fascinating and what characters they are!
    i am so glad you are happy to share them with us
    and your photos are great!

    a lovely post xxx

  7. I adore your chicken stories. I still don't know how you tell them apart. :-) Are you going to put a light in on a timer so they lay all winter? Or give them the winter off? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I'd love to have chickens, they are definately entertaining!!xx

  9. I love to hear about your chickens :) The photo's are always fab too, despite what you may think! I love the idea of weaving something inspired by your chickens and can't wait to see what you come up with x x x


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