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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Knitted Halloween 'Baddies'.....

I asked the very talented Anne  (Seller 'Fingerpuppets33' on Ebay) if she could make some 'Halloween' finger puppets to add to our collection.  I had some help from my photographic assistant to enable me to show you these.  I think Anne has done a brilliant job again.  The orange of the Pumpkin Man glows a bit in this picture, isn't he cute with his sweeping cloak and his little lantern?
 The Bats eyes are glowing too, giving him a particularly menacing look.  Not quite as menacing as when he turns into:
Count Dracula!  He is complete with his Cape and blooded fangs!
This Ghoulish couple are ready for a Halloween wedding.  They would put the Gothic Weddings to shame.  Isn't she a beautiful bride with her long veil and bouquet?  He looks posh too, in his Top hat and tails.  We love these but I have saved the best picture until last.  We had fantastic fun adding the finishing touches to 'The Zombies'!
The filthy rotters!  They are very scary with their vacant stare!  Halloween is very popular in our house.  I hope I can find my
 Who's Got My Hairy Toe?  book by Monday I love reading this poem.


  1. Now I'm really frightened! They are fantastic.

  2. Your finger puppet friend really is quite talented. I'm still amazed to see her individual creations. It sure sounds like you and your kids have a lot of fun with all of them :)

  3. Cute lil puppets! I enjoy seeing your collection! We head home from the beach tomorrow. Was fun.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. How fantastic are those!! I really liked the wedding couple :)

  5. They are absolutely fantastic!!! I love Dracula. What he needs to be really scary is some crocheted shorts ;)

  6. Oh goodness love love them!! And the one with google eyes is best!!


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