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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Swap yarn Scarf - Ta Dah

I had some lovely yarn from a 'Swap' in June.  They travelled across the pond from the USA and are brands I am not familiar with.  Pinks and Greens are my favourite colours, especially together.  I think these two yarns were made for each other.
Mini Mochi - Strawberry Lime
Lion Brand 'Amazing'- Rainforest

I used double crochet to stripe them together and make a warm scarf.  I love the  resulting 'fabric'.  I cannot yet master very fancy or technical patterns but I love the textured and colour effects you can create with simple stitches and combining yarns.  The way the weather has changed I will be needing this scarf really soon.



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your swap yarn. The pinks and greens look lovely together :)

  2. Lucy, these colors are aMAYzing!! I love the scarf you made! I need a new scarf.. hmmm...
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Those yarns don't need to be in a fancy schmancy pattern they speak for themselves. Gorgeous colours! The multicoloured one is very like King Cole Riot if you wanted a UK version.

  4. Lovely yarns and a lovely scarf :) Sometimes simplicity is all that is needed...and your scarf is testament to's gorgeous :)

  5. Those colors are beautiful together! You made a wonderful scarf.

  6. pinks and green are my favourites too :o)
    i love this mossy green and the lovely autumnal colours running through, it looks beautiful!


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