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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ta Dah - pretties 'Little Leafy Scarf'

I received this gorgeous yarn as part of a Fabulous 'Swap' Package.  I loved it as soon as I set eyes on it.  It is Crystal Palace Yarns 'Mini Mochi' 80% Merino and 20% Nylon, the colourway is 'Strawberries and Lime' (106).  I have been wondering for ages what to make with it.  Cachiyuyo, described as a 'leafy little scarf' takes hardly any yarn at all and I think it really shows of the colours.
I found the pattern a bit of a challenge at first and I contacted the pattern designer 'Diana Foss' for help, she pointed me in the direction of these really useful Youtube tutorials for 'Foundation Crochet' to help me.  I am not sure I got the hang of the little leaves in a technically correct fashion but I am pleased with the result and quite like each little leaf having it's own individual 'personality'.  I made my vine twice as long as the pattern suggested because I intend to wear it as a long, floaty, necklace type of thingy!
The leaves are made using 'Foundation' Crochet which I have never done before and the pattern was in USA crochet terminology which fries my head, but I manged to fathom it out.  I had to write down the UK equivalent.

I am glad I have nearly two full skeins of Mini Mochi left as it is scrumptious to work with.  I really love the colours.   I don't know what to make with what is left, I am open to suggestions, I am tempted to adorn the house with garlands of Mini Mochi 'Strawberry and Lime' leaves.  


  1. That looks like really softly scrumptious yarn, just ready for cuddling.
    The garland/scarf is so pretty too.

  2. Hi Lucy! That's just gorgeous and yummy! I have a skein of mini-mochi that I was knitting into a scarf but it's curling up terribly so I'll probably rip it out and make something different out of it. It is soft and pretty!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That yarn is absolutely perfect for little leaves! That will be a fun little necklace :) Such a great accessory for fall! The shine in the yarn sets it off wonderfully as well. I'm sorry the American terms threw you off though! I'm frequently having to convert from UK, so I understand.

  4. Such a beautiful yarn, and lovely leafy scarf you made.
    You can make a scarf, and combine it with some other brown or dark red coloured yarn, less glossy,in stripes or so.


  5. That is really lovely Lucy! i wonder if it wook look nice in King Cole Riot mmmmmmmm *strokes chin in pondering motion*
    I am sure you are going to get lotes of compliments when wearing it.

  6. Elizabeth that is a great idea, to stripe it, I may have just the yarn too! :)

    Tickety-boo I really like the look of King Cole Riot, I have never used it. I think it would really work for this pattern :)

  7. they are pretty! and there are so many creative things you can do with them. i would like some for my christmas tree :)

  8. The scarf looks great, and I do the same when reading UK patterns :).


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