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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Blackberry, Apple and Cinnamon Chutney

Move over Cranberry Sauce and Make way for Blackberry, Apple and Cinnamon Chutney.  Today I read a post over at A Trifle Rushed, where there has been a bit of a pickle.  I read this post  and knew I had all of the ingredients for this delicious Autumnal Chutney Recipe.  I only have a few apples left on my little tree now and the blackberries are all finished.  It is a shame to grow your own fruit and vegetables and let them go to waste so jam, pickles and chutneys are the order of the day.  I made six jars of chutney.   The smell was delicious as it bubbled away.  It will be matured nicely ready for Christmas.  I have never used blackberries in Chutney before, the flavour with the apple and cinnamon is something else.  It also has a wonderful colour too.  I think it will be the perfect accompaniment to cheese and cold meats, I also think it would be deliciously fruity with Turkey, Goose or Duck.  I need some labels for this years preserves and they also need cute 'Mob Cap' lid covers.  I think they will make great Christmas Gifts especially with  Homemade Blackberry Brandy I have stashed away.


  1. Yum, three of my favourite ingredients, sounds delicious. I'd be made up with that as a gift!

  2. Lucy, it's fab, isn't it? Bring on Christmas, and all the feasting!

  3. Sounds absolutely delightful. Want my postal address? lol

  4. Lucy, you're such an inspiration! You'll have to take a photo of your pantry of the things you've "put up".
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. my word, that sounds good!!!!!

    your posts are brilliant! i love love love visiting here :)

    moriko ;o)


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