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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

While The Cat is Away....

I just had to share this photograph, it made me chuckle.  'When the cat is away, the mice will play!'  When my partner goes out to work I let the 'ladie's out!  They love to be free, pecking and scratching in the garden.  They trash the joint!  Scratching up bulbs, pecking the fruit and vegetables, scratching soil all over the lawn, but their 'joie de vivre' is unrivaled.  I leave them playing out for hours!  I keep checking them like 'A mother Hen'.  There are lots of cats in our street and the occasional Sparrowhawk flies over, the sparrowhawk has taken several pigeons from my garden.  There is a very cute black and white cat in particular that is fascinated by the chickens, they cluck loudly when he is about, he sits outside their coop and scarpers when he sees me.   The Chickens stick together though and they like to hangout in the undergrowth for most of their time.  They also make a 'Clucking Commotion' if anything troubles them.  When I pop out to make a head count they delight me in their enthusiasm to see me.  The other day Daisy literally came skidding to a halt on the path.  Today I took the camera out and managed to get my definition of a  great 'Chicken photograph'.  All three of them are in it and facing the same direction!  Poppy and Daisy are sprinting down the path Aka 'Roadrunner style' beep beep!  Poor Rose is so desperate not to be left behind, she is flapping and running her fastest.  This is a lovely greeting, I have a little chat to them, they might peck my shoes or jump up to peck my clothes and then I leave them to it again.  I am still getting 3 lovely eggs each morning.  I am worried about the cold weather and glad they love each other so much as they sleep huddled together which keeps them warm.
( I do thank you all for popping by and humoring me with your kind comments on my ramblings. x )
'While The Cat is Away, The Mice will Play.'


  1. They sound so entertaining! I can only imagine what our cat would do if confronted by a chicken, but I'm sure it would be video-worthy. :)

  2. Hi Lucy.. I got a huge kick out of your chickies in this photo! Ours are in their bigger pen, but we can't let them loose in the yard as we have no fence and actually lost one to a critter when we let them out in a pen that wasn't attached when they were young. Whatever got the chicken pulled the pen away from their coop and all of them escaped, but he killed one and dragged it under the deck. Ugh. You can put a light in their house on a timer and they could lay all winter.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That picture is great! Such fun :) Thanks so much for sharing about your lovely chickens. I love listening to/reading from people who keep "non-pet" type animals. Someday perhaps...but for now, Mina will have to do all by herself!
    PS- those little mice and phonograph are adorable!

  4. I love to hear about your chickens! Chickens are the best "pets" by far - so friendly and entertaining! Our family is now up to 11 hens and one cockeral! There were quite a few staring contests between the hens and the cats before the cats got the message, but I think they know not to mess with the girls anymore!

    Much love,

  5. Ha ha that photo is great! Reminds me of "Chicken Run" and the chooks' attempt to fly! I'd love to keep chickens and we are seriously considering it....your blog is helping with my persuasive techniques :)

  6. Those are happy girls! They are having a whale of a time. I love the little mice so cute.

  7. We used to keep hens, they are so entertaining plus the eggs can't be beat. Yours are little characters!

  8. this photo is fab! i love your chickens and would love to have some myself, but don't have room for them in my postage stamp sized garden. am so glad you share yours :)


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