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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

What a lovely pair!

A lovely pair of turnips, the first two of the year!  Turnips are my accidental speciality.  With my abundance of Blackcurrants and this pair of beauties I am really 'living off the fat of the land'.

They were washed, peeled and chopped within minutes along with swede, carrots and onion.

It was all mixed thoroughly together with some minced steak and seasoned with lots of salt and black pepper.
Wrapped up in a circle of Shortcrust  Pastry and Baked until Golden Brown.
A Cornish Pasty to my mind has to contain a bit of turnip for it to be 'Proper' 
I have shown you 'Cornish Pasties with the recipe in this previous post' I just wanted to show off my turnips!  I am off to Google 'Vegetable shows', I think mine are winners!


  1. Being a Devonshire Dumpling a prapaaaar pasty always fits the bill. Yours look gorgeous
    Love Linda

  2. Yummy looking.. I've never had one in my life! I wish I lived near you, I'd invite myself over for tea! :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh yummy! Your pasties look wonderful, good job I've had my tea!
    Carol xx

  4. Super turnips, and yummy pasties. I'm trying courgettes this year, fingers crossed:-)

  5. Lucy,
    The pasties look delicious. It must be so nice to pick something out of the garden in the morning and enjoy it for dinner in the evening. The closest I come to doing that is buying fresh vegetables at the weekly farmers' market, and I do have a little herb garden which is nice.

    Mary Jean

    P.S. What's swede?

  6. I am feeling even more proud of my lovely turnips after your comments. :) lol

    Mary Jean I was only thinking of you five minutes before your comment appeared, I still have not decided what to do with my lovely yarn :) Swede is Rutabaga.

  7. Mmmmm got to love pasties. I could eat one on this mornings run!!

  8. Hi!
    I came across your blog on SITS girls.
    Nice job, I must say! |Keep up the good work!
    Do visit my blog too.

  9. Hello from Minnesota. We also have Cornish pasties here. When the miners came here to work they also brought their foods with them. Yummy. Judy

  10. Oooh, yes lovely turnips dear! ;) And some delish looking pasties too! You're a right whizz in the kitchen!! The blackberry and blackcurrant post above looks lush too. You've got me itching to get back home now - my parents are mostly self-suficient food-wise and I love spending summer out there coming up with millions of recipes for all the fruit and veg! :D

    Much love,


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